Now, you have to understand, normally I don’t really care about people who go watch something because their favorite actor is in it. For God’s sake, I’ve got a folder on my external hard drive labeled “The Cumbernest” full of movies I watched solely due to the presence of my fave.

But people who watch Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz only for Martin Freeman and then sit there going “lol wtf did i just watch what was that shit whatevs martin freeman’s funny hat" make me want to FLIP TABLES

So perks of being a wallflower lol emotionally dying lol

I was worried i wouldn’t like it cause i went into it with the highest of expectations but you can literally go in thinking its motherfuckin titanic and you will still be blown away

oh my jesus logan can i call you logan you deserve everything beautiful you will get in your life and now the demigod thing doesn’t seem so far-fetched

also ezra miller should get a nobel prize for his facial expressions