“I like to think of myself as Belle, because we’re both bookworms, our parents are eccentric, and I’m slowly learning how not to care what people think…even though I’m somewhat there, Belle doesn’t seem affected whatsoever. The whole town is puzzled how she doesn’t flaunt her beauty and she’s weird, but she’s too busy with her nose in the book to care. Sometimes, my mom can’t understand why I collect so much books and it frustrates me sometimes.”


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ok, I find that Camila & Lauren's relationship (if true) is a bit similar to mine. My gf & I hide our relationship bc it's the best option for us rn (career, fam, reputation). People have gossiped about us so we don't interact much on social media to let speculation die. Lauren often flaunts Lucy on social media bc she's one of her bffs & people that matter KNOW that they're not attracted to each other. I do the same w my best friend - I post about her all time to "fool" the audience. jus sayin.

Lauren is that you???

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Wow. You really are rubbing that mount in everyones' faces, aren't you? My friends on Greg say they see you on the mentor mount all the time and sure enough your tumblr is full of pictures of it. Do you get off on being a self-centered cunt or something? Just stop. No one wants to see you flaunting that you have no life.

Oh, fuck. You’re so right, Anon. Shame on me for working toward something I really wanted. Double shame on me for using it. I shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy something if it makes others miserable. What was I thinking?!

(In case you couldn’t tell, that was bleeding sarcasm.)

I’m not rubbing anything in anyone’s faces. If I was, I would shouting “ASTROPE HAS LOADED INTO THE ZONE. COME KISS THE GROUND I WALK UPON, YOU LAZY PEASANTS” every time I went somewhere and I wouldn’t regularly give rides to strangers who ask for one or take me up when I offer a ride to them. Your friends might have told you that if they had bothered to speak with me rather than making assumptions, you know?

Yes, I’ve taken and uploaded photos of/with it… because I like it? I have older photos of other people with the mount. I’ve always been a fan of how it looked and it’s easier to take photos of it when you have it. The last time I posted photos of it was 3 days ago, it’s not like I’m spamming 10 photos of it a day or something, lmao.

I mean, I definitely didn’t do one roulette a day (if I did, I would still have 4 ½ years left to go), but I didn’t no life it. It took me 6 months to get it. That’s still a long ass time. I’m not even world or server first. I’m just someone who really liked something, took shit at their own pace to get it, and am now enjoying one of my favorite items in FFXIV. I didn’t get the mount for it to sit unused in my Mount List, I got it so I could use it. Because I really, really like it.

I’m sorry that I’ve upset you, Anon, but I’m not changing anything.

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Interviews Ain't Free- S.M. Imagine:

Requested: No💛
Reader x Shawn Mendes
Word Count: 1,359
Warnings: the traditional P “trash,” some stripper Shawn, some hot smut, and some drug usage 🙈😘👑


Wattpad: cherrybombdaizies🍒

I walked blocks and blocks until I reached the club in which I was assigned. I was a famous journalist for Rolling Stones magazine and I was on my latest  breakthrough assignment, an interview with THE Shawn Mendes. He has been creating quite a stir in the media with his “leaked” Flaunt magazine shoot, but his latest was the performance he had set up in a popular downtown LA “adult” club with a predominately female attendance. Apparently Mr. Mendes was known for his wholesome good boy charisma and charm but I had heard this Shawn was quite the opposition of the Shawn in which we saw.
“I.D.?” asked the bouncer
“Y/F/N Y/L/N with Rolling Stones.” I say and show my badge as he unclapse the rope
I walk in an immediately thank my roommate in undergrad school for taking me to parties. Number one I smelt the pot that was being smoked or that had been smoked, two I had dressed wildly appropriate for this setting and three I needed some water or I might have a mild breakdown and exit the club.
“My partygoers, let’s give a warm Club X-stasy welcome to Shawn Mendes like you’ve never seen before!” shouted the DJ
I watched as he stepped on stage, his flannel unbuttoned and showing his chiseled physique.
I heard a familiar song come on and I recognized it from Magic Mike as Pony by Ginuwine.
“Is that Shawn Mendes?” I asked the female bartender who was making my drink
“That indeed is your wholesome Canadian boy next door about to strip for our Funky Friday.” she laughed

I watched as he pulled off clothing piece by piece and dry humped the stage and even teased his boxer waistband as the girls threw bills at him.
Why did no one ever see this Shawn? This Shawn undoubtedly made me need to use the ladies room and butter my own muffin.
As the “show” ended, I gathered myself to go backstage and conduct my interview with singer and boy next door by day turned ravage stripper by night apparently.
“And who are you?” asked the big burly bouncer protecting the way to the dressing room
“I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N with Rolling Stones and I am here to interview uhm Shawn M-Mendes.” I stammered
“Yo Muffin Man, we got a pretty young thing out here prepared to interview you.” say the bouncer
“Send her in Frank.” the husky voice says from the other side of the door
I walk in to see a girl on her knees in front of him.
“You can go sweet cheeks.” he says slapping her ass and zipping his jeans
“Nice to meet you chessecake, I’m Shawn but everyone around here calls me Muffin Man and you can call me daddy.” Shawn says
“Uhm okay well I'm  Y/F/N Y/L/N and I’m from Rolling Stones and uhm I didn’t know you stripped and I prefer Shawn if that’s okay.” I say
“New found excitement, but uh suit yourself cheesecake, Daddy still loves ya Princess.” He smirks
“Right.” I mumble
“So what’s it cheesecake, I have another show in 20.” Shawn smirks and adjust his bulge in his pants
“Well uhm I heard you are doing iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball tour and also your Illuminate tour. How is that coming along?” I ask and prepare to scribble my answers down
“It isn’t the only thing coming..” he paused with a smirk and an obscene flick of his tongue
“… but it is well in addition to the Muffin Man acts.” Shawn says
“Right! So why is your sophomore album called Illuminate?” I ask
“I dunno cheesecake, irony cause I illuminate the stage.” He laughs cockily
“You know you’re not the Shawn Mendes, I remember or pictured having the pleasure to interview.” I say sternly
“Oh my sweet cheesecake I can give you so much pleasure.” Shawn smirks and cuts a line of coke
“Why all of this?! You have so much going for you!” I shout
“My sweet sweet cheesecake, because sex sells. The sex that just makes you want to claw your pretty fucking eyes out and squeeze your legs so tight then finger fuck yourself under the blanket. Sex and rage sells.” Shawn says and wipes the remnants of coke off his perfect nose
“Yeah for you maybe.” I huff
I watch as his once creamy brown eyes turn black and he flips the table in front of him walking towards me with rage.
“I wouldn’t if I were you! I could ruin your reputation.” I challenge
“And I could ruin your panties, if you haven’t already came in them.” He says and gets closer, his warm breath fanning my nose
“You think people like you turn me on and make me wet? Dream on! You are a phony coke addict who treats people like shit!” I spit with the most venom I can muster
I feel his fingers snake in my panties.
“Mhm my little cheesecake look at this.” He says and sucks his finger
“Fuck you!” I say
“You want me too, see you my pumpkin are just a groupie in disguse.” He smirks and fingers inside me
“See already dreaming about finger fucking yourself under your blanket.” He says and slides his ring and middle finger in and out
“S-stop.” I try to be stern
“Oh my cheesecake, why? You are so wet, and ready for the Muffin Man.” He smiles
“You are animal! A disgusting fake animal.” I say and clench my thighs tighter
“Then why are you trying to ride my fingers?” He smirks and tears the thin panties covering beneath my best party dress
“Open wider!” He commands and lays a slap to my butt
His head disappearing under my dress as his breath fans my crotch and attaches.
“Fuck.” I moan and bite my lip
“I heard that cheesecake.” He growls and disappears again
I closes my eyes, replaying his sex sales spill and praying I’m close because he is torturing me.
I bite my lip harder, tasting the faint hints of blood coming from my lips
“Uhm Shawn.” I whimper
“Yes cheesecake?” He says
“I’m close.” I whisper innocently
“Ride my tongue.” He smirks and places himself as he finishes me off
He sits back on the couch, undoing his pants pulling out the most impressive length..
“Sit.” He growls and places me on him
“You’re so big.” I gasp and my eyes bug as my core expands unworldly around his base
“Move whenever you want cheesecake.” He says
“Call anything besides that!” I huff and swivel my hips to find my g-spot
“What’s your name?” He asks
“Y/N.” I say and move on top of him
“I like cheesecake better.” He growls trying to push more inside
“Call me whatever then.” I say and move my body on top
“Are you enjoying this?” He asks
“If you shut up I’d enjoy it more.” I say
I couldn’t lie despite all the callous things I said, he was right sex sells and his sex is worth millions to me.
“Right there.” I moaned
He picked me up with all his power and bent me over in front of his mirror in his dressing room
“Watch as I fuck you.” He says
I watch in the full length mirror as he slides in amd out of my hole, taking out every inch then replacing it.
“Shawn.” I whimper
“You have the prettiest pussy.” He growls in my ear
“Harder.” I muster
“I’m going to show you something you’ve never seen soon before long.” He chuckles menacingly
My legs quiver as my second orgasm approaches and I try to hang on
“Open wider cheesecake.” He says laying a gentle slap to my core
I watch with intent as he leaves his tip inside me and I feel warmth.
“W-what?” I groan with my weak voice
“Look!” He growls
I watch in the mirror as white drips from me and onto the satin black carpeting.
“My little yummy delicious creampie, for my cheesecake.” He says


@deathbot5000 Lola has a pretty colorful and awesome looking playroom/tv room. Also, this isn’t her bedroom since it was shown in ‘Feline Frenzy’, where it looked pretty different and not as colorful as this one.

Plus the rainbow/unicorn rooms lacked a bed. And where the heck did Princess go?? She only showed up in this episode and that was it, that and Lola’s hamster she also supposedly owns.

Also what the heck kind of computer/scanner does Lola own??! It takes up that whole wall!.

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I'm not a feminist because I don't support all of the victim playing and man hating that most feminists flaunt. I also don't respect that feminists are always losing their shit over tiny things in the western world instead of trying to help the places where they actually need it, like the countries where rape is actually okay to do and woman aren't allowed to go to school or if they show some skin, they'll get severely punished. It's just a bunch of pussies playing the victim nowadays.

“Tiny things in the Western World” (each one is a link). Let me also mention that this phrase minimizes HUGE issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and reproductive rights (none of which are limited to women, but are considered by the general public to be “women’s issues”) 

1) Victim playing. I’m not sure why every anti brings this up, because never once have I seen a feminist play victim in an inappropriate situation. You can’t deny that women are oppressed (generally) by society, but it’s not like we lay around moping and crying victim. That’s why feminism actually works to change something. (Plus, being a victim isn’t bad! Sometimes it’s fine to play victim, as long as it isn’t your entire existence! See: sexual assault survivors, etc)

2) Man hating… Yeah. You’re thinking of the Radfems. I’ll apologize on their behalf. Most other feminist recognize that it’s helpful to have men as our allies, and don’t bash all men. Even those who are distrustful of men are not behaving in that way out of spite, but maybe because they have been hurt by a man in the past. 

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"You want to know why he was working out super hard last night? Three guesses and the first two don't count." Hmmm, why is that, what do you think? 👀

Because C is throwing trashy parties for the friends he doesn’t like in his house, and he can’t do anything to stop it or keep M away from it. Exercising hard was his way of keeping his mind off the fact that he wasn’t with either of his girls and the person who stands in the way of that goal is throwing parties with his money and flaunting it online. 

It distracts him and gives him a measure of control and mastery over something even if it’s just his own body. 

Russian Sexy Girls : Gorgeous Layna strips her dress on the bed as she flaunts her slender sexy body, long legs and yummy pussy.

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Dam I'm bitter about your tiddies I got a nice assume, cute little tummy, cute face, but my tiddies are like Cs & basically disappear when I lay on my back & I feel so unfeminine

Don’t be, i personally want a smaller chest. Boobs aren’t what make you feminine love , flaunt what you got boo I’m sure that body is amazing 😉


Pre-ruffle, mid-ruffle, and post-ruffle Tenth Doctor Hair

David Tennant from the podcast commentary for Tooth and Claw (from the hair-messing-up scene above):

“I love the way Euros [Lyn, director] uses all these shots here to show the ideas all colliding at once

…and I love messing with my hair in moments like this, because it gives Steve, who does my make-up, a nightmare in continuity terms.

I like to keep him on his toes.”

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2016 (theme: smile - because it makes me)