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voltron-messenger has become support-group-for-anons-and-occasional-klance-blog

lmfao listen, my dude… pretty much every single one of my text posts is klance-themed and if you think that’s “occasional” then idk how to help you 😂 

but honestly i really love my followers and if they need support i want to be here for them when i can! :)

if that bothers you and you don’t want to see it (or any of my asks/occasional reblogs/other bullshit lmfao), feel free to blacklist the tag “not voltron related” or just use the “texts only” link at the top of my blog (or even unfollow me) because i want this blog to be a place that is happy and fun and stress-free for everyone. 💜 

cool? cool.

red sunrise - three

bughead fanfiction - chapter three - unbeta’d - zombie au


“The trouble is, you think you have time.”


Rose is sick and I’m at a complete loss at what to do. If I lose her, I can’t even think about

I’m not going to lose her… Carrie’s getting medicine for her—some antibiotics. She’s going to be fine. The snow’s getting too high to walk through but Carrie will be back soon. She only went to scavenge at the clinic a few blocks away. She says there might be something there for Rose. There has to be. 

… … ….

Sometimes it’s the silence that can be the most deafening.

Trudging through snow covered roads, Pete tries to keep conversation light between the group, but Betty’s deaf to any words spoken. She holds Rose to her chest tightly, the little girl tucked under her shirt to give extra warmth. Joaquin and FP trek ahead of them, searching for a safe place to take refuge until the storm passes, but she can hear the coughs and sniffles from Carrie and Jamie at the tail of their group, and she can feel Rose’s against her chest. They’re in danger—not from gray-skins, Betty realizes, but of the elements around them.

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