I saw the most record store couple at the record store today the girl was wearing one of those flat brim hats sitting angled on the back of her head and she had straight bangs and piercings all over her face and the guy had a handlebar mustache I felt like I was in portlandia for a second but then I realized I was in the same place doing the same thing as them and that I can’t make fun


This time, my first mesh in the form of Flat Brim hats for males. Kobe above showing off the hats and those freckles I made in CAS and in game. Enjoy!

Download: DropBox  - Fixed link!
Made with SIms4Studio
Recolors welcome, but link back; if there’s interest I might do some myself in the future. Do not steal, take credit for, or reupload w/o permission.
And tag me if you use my cc! I’d love to see it :)



I stumbled upon an unexpected gem today at the Kidrobot store. Mishka has collaborated with kidrobot creating a radical line of fresh eyeball designs that I had to get my hands on. Couldn’t resist a little labbit frank kozik incorporation as well, and those fangs…killer. It was between this flat brim and a beanie, but seeing as my beanie collection is more than established, I sprung for the brim. Next purchase may have to be the  labbit/eyeball love child shown above.