This time, my first mesh in the form of Flat Brim hats for males. Kobe above showing off the hats and those freckles I made in CAS and in game. Enjoy!

Download: DropBox  - Fixed link!
Made with SIms4Studio
Recolors welcome, but link back; if there’s interest I might do some myself in the future. Do not steal, take credit for, or reupload w/o permission.
And tag me if you use my cc! I’d love to see it :)



I stumbled upon an unexpected gem today at the Kidrobot store. Mishka has collaborated with kidrobot creating a radical line of fresh eyeball designs that I had to get my hands on. Couldn’t resist a little labbit frank kozik incorporation as well, and those fangs…killer. It was between this flat brim and a beanie, but seeing as my beanie collection is more than established, I sprung for the brim. Next purchase may have to be the  labbit/eyeball love child shown above.