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whatever happened to connor kent? and what's your take on the best way to bring him into rebirth?

Connor got retconned, he is GONE! poof! thanks New52 for getting rid of all my favorite characters! 

As for how to bring him back, I don’t know. Rebirth has already shown that the Time Line is being rewritten by someone to include pre-Flashpoint reality. Namely Superman and Lois Lane are no longer from pre-Flashpoint but are the Lois and Clark who have always been around, The Justice League was at the birth of Jon. 

I worry that DC will use Jon being Superboy as an excuse to not bring back Connor which would be dumb since there are two Flashes and two Wally Wests and no one seems that upset by it. 

the other thing we know is that The Justice Society is around or was around and is missing, Jay is or was in the speed force and remembered Barry. Both things hint that other “missing” characters are somewhere waiting to be found

but my best take. Tim is in a prison, that Prison is holding more than just him, it needs the OG Young Justice squad, Cassie, Bart and of course Kon to be there, and Tim doesn’t know them, doesn’t know them, resists them trying to tell him that “dude we’ve been friends for years” till BOOM! he remembers the power of his remembering and the bound between them rips down walls and we get an epic reveal shot of Tim and the others in their Classic uniforms ready to roll into battle. 

Justice League post credits scene:
  • *everyone sitting around a table eating shawarma*
  • Diana: So yeah, that's my story of how I got to this world.
  • Barry: So Steve died in the plane.
  • Diana: ...thanks for your subtlety Barry but yes, he did.
  • Barry: *looks around* hmm... I see... would you mind waiting here for a sec?
  • *theres a flash of lightning, a thunder and for a split second the room is filled with white static. When it queits down Barry is standing in the middle of the room, holding a very disoriented Steve Trevor dressed as the last time Diana saw him, still holding the smoking gun that shot the bullet at the mustard gas*
  • Barry: This your boy!?


Una gran historia la que cuenta este comic. Vemos a un Barry Allen ya adulto pero aun así haría cualquier cosa (en serio, cualquier cosa) para regresar a la vida que tenía antes. Cualquiera disfrutaría esta historia, incluso si no estas familiarizad@ con los personajes de DC. En realidad, yo no estoy tan familiarizada con ellos y me encontré llorando con las últimas páginas.

A great story is in this comic. We see an adult Barry Allen but still do anything (really, anything) to regain the life he had before. Anyone would enjoy this story, even if you are not familiar with the DC characters. Actually, i’m not so familiar with them and still found myself crying with the last few pages.


Cisco: *Gif*

Y/N: “yeah…. I spilled something on it so Barry let me borrow this.”

Cisco: “you are a very bad liar!”

Y/N: “yeah, I know.”

Barry just smiled the whole time.

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