Jack Zimmermann was accustomed to dealing with difficult situations; he was captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team after all, but this? This was never in the job description.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Bitty whispered into the side of Jack’s neck, breath hot and sweet against his skin. The kegster ended a while ago but Bitty was still feeling the effects. When he fell off the coffee table attempting to dance to All the Single Ladies, Jack swept in ready to piggyback him to bed.

“Alright,” Jack said, mouthing I got this in Lardo’s direction before heading to the stairs.

“I don’t wanna be a single lady anymore,” His voice faltered and Jack became acutely aware of Bitty’s thighs around his hips. “I want a person. Everybody else has got a person.”

“With moves like that I don’t think you’ll have to wait long,” Jack said, supressing a chuckle.

“Mmhmm,” Bitty mumbled, fighting a losing war against sleep. Jack pushed open the door to Bitty’s room with his foot and ducked inside.

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A Secret | SICHENG

so you’ve chosen a secret for your seven minutes in heaven? collab with @versigny and co, choose another path here

Genre: frat/college!au | fluff | mild angst sexual themes

Member: Sicheng / Reader

Word Count: 10,400+

Warnings: language, references and usage of drugs and alcohol, sexual themes

Originally posted by taeflower

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“demons run when a good man goes to war,
night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war.”

Leo anatomy
  • Mind: Flashing lights and New York bright nights, everything is a theatre, thoughts can glow, tendency to dramatise, incredible dreams, attached to childhood
  • Lower Back: Often pressured and sore, can be a sway back, small lower vertebrae
  • Eyes: Follow the light, playful, seductive, attracted and mesmerised by flashes, colour, and patterns
  • Heart: Filled with passion, larger than life, hyper sensitive, reactive to rejection, overly generous, sacrificial, requires validation to keep beating
  • Stomach: Trusts the gut


I… I think to lay down…

Anyways, have some pretty gems that I’m super proud (I’ve been trying to figure out ways to animate gem glimmers as well). Which one is your favourite? I have a bias towards the ruby because it was the first one I succeeded at, so I have sentimental feelings towards it :)


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Request: Can you write a smutty mafia boss au where Yoongi is known to be the most heartless person alive and would kill anyone in an instant, but when he comes home he treats his wife like a queen and would do anything for her.

Yoongi adjusts the cuffs of his expensive designer suit as he steps into the elevator.

He catches sight of himself in the mirror of the elevator. He hair is parted at the side, the jet black strands contrast beautifully with his pale skin giving him an intimidating, almost ghostly look. His eyes are cold and unreadable and despite his rather small height, his overbearing presence is enough to make even the bravest of men cry.

He smirks at the younger boy next to him, Jungkook, who seems to be staring at the older in awe. Yoongi had taken Jungkook under his wing a few weeks ago when he’d found the boy battered and bloody on the side of the road. It was unusual of Yoongi to show such kindness, his reputation of being a cold hearted killer preceded him, and everyone had been surprised at his act of generosity.

Maybe Yoongi was becoming too soft.

He would continually insist that he was only using Jungkook for personal gain, the boy was proving to have a lot of potential after all. He could probably make Yoongi and the organisation as a whole a lot of money in the future. Yet, there was another reason Yoongi was so fond of the boy, he reminded Yoongi of himself when he was younger. Back when his final shred of innocence hadn’t been taken away.

When the doors of the lift open, Yoongi takes the lead, confidently striding down the hallway with Jungkook following behind like a loyal little puppy. When he reaches the right room, he swings the door open without hesitation and everyone sitting inside falls silent due to his powerful, intimidating aura.

The only sound that can be heard is Yoongi and Jungkook’s footsteps against the polished wooden floor as they enter. Out of the corner of his eye, Yoongi could see Jungkook’s face turning slightly red, he knew the younger hated being the centre of attention. One day he would have to get over his shyness, however, Jungkook always got the job done when it needed doing and that’s all Yoongi cared about for now.

Yoongi sits down at the head of the table, Jungkook sliding into the chair next to him.

No one dares speak.

Finally Yoongi clears his throat “So is anyone going to tell me what’s going on or are you all just going to sit there?”

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7th times the charm

Bill recounts his first seven kisses, it only took him that long before he found who he was looking for in a mess of curls and a kiss to his palm.
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I     Beverly

Beverly was Bill’s first kiss. They were in third grade. The stage lights danced across Bill’s vision the same way that Bev’s fiery hair danced when she laughed - she laughed a lot. The entire school and his own parents were watching, his heart was in his throat as he stuttered out the lines. The words got caught in his throat, the lights were taunting him while the audience merged into a uniform sea look of pity and forced grins.

His Peter Pan costume was hanging off his shoulders - it was much too big. Even to this day, Bill still remembers the trailing of his pants along the floor, the conscious thoughts of the movement of his feet to avoid tripping. Anxious butterflies fluttered around his stomach in a way that Bill wouldn’t feel again for several years, the knot that built up in his throat and the quickening heartbeat were all signs and Bill knew.

He was in love.

He was in love with Beverly Marsh, the girl who sat two desks away from him. She bought him a Christmas card and wrote a smiley face in a glittery lilac pen. She twirled her hair and chewed her pencils, she came into school late and forgot her homework and she was perfect.

Bill, of course, wasn’t actually in love - we don’t have to let him know that.

This kiss - the ending scene - was the most important thing in little Bill’s life. To his parents, the teachers and over an ocean of faceless people, this was just a show. Oh no, but to Bill - he knew better - he knew this was going to be how he met his wife, they would get married on the playground, just like Robert McNeill and Kathy Gates.

He messed up his last line in anticipation of the kiss, and just then, with a soft smile and a flurry of freckles - Bill Denbrough had his first kiss.

Nerves, Faces, Freckles.

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anonymous asked:

Soulmate Au hc please (sorry to bother you!)

- you see colour for the first time when you’re old enough to meet your soulmate, typically around 15 or 16

- eddie was the youngest of the losers and his birthday was the last to be celebrated

- the losers took him to the quarry where they had laid out a huge picnic and banners for him and he was so happy even though he couldn’t see any of the bright colours

- bill and stan told him that there were reds and blues and yellows and pinks because they saw colour together the first time they kissed on stan’s 16th birthday

- bill always was good at deciding on birthday presents

- bev, ben and mike all drag eddie to the picnic and feed him chips and soda and dounuts because his mother would never let him even on his special day

- mike baked him a chocolate cake with purple icing on the time with his name on it and eddie blew out his candles wishing that he could see how pretty it really was

- richie was late as always and decided to announce himself by sprinting past them and, kissing eddie on the cheek for a second, and then jumping into the quarry water

- eddie freaked out because for a split second everything flashed bright and colourful in front of him

- the others asked if he was okay as he just stared at richie before sprinting after him and into the water, surprising richie when he hit the bottom

- “Kiss me again!” 

- “someone’s eager”

- eddie shut him up by kissing him and cupping richie’s face in his hands, enjoying the moment with his eyes closed only for a little bit before he pulled away, his hands not moving, and nearly cried at the sight of colour bursting and dripping from every tree and sparkling off the water

- “you see it too?” richie whispered and eddie was beaming

- eddie gushes over everything and gets so excited to see the purple icing and bev’s hair and how pink richie’s lips are

- “everything is so beautiful now”

- “it’s always been beautiful, eds, we just couldn’t see it”

How Lord English’s Defeat Was Achieved

Whilst talking to a friend I was suddenly struck by a realization that I think explains the precise nature of how Lord English was defeated. I’ve already spoken a little about how the destruction of the Green Sun should not have depleted his Clockwork Majyyks, and therefore shouldn’t have made him any more invulnerable. Here is my take on what I think happened, and how it explains not only the ending, but the entire plot of Homestuck (seriously).

I’ve already spoken a fair bit in the past about Homestuck’s underlying themes in relation to the comic’s name. At first, when taken literally, “Homestuck” appears to be named for only a very small portion of Act 1, when John is literally “stuck in his home”. He is able to leave later on, so he’s no longer home-stuck, right? Now, my take has always been that this depends on your definition of “home”. Homestuck is a story about people leaving behind “homes” of various scope. John leaves his house, yes, but then he leaves his universe, his session, and ultimately his fundamental reality behind. He becomes unstuck from canon itself. From what more is there left to become “unstuck”?

Let’s remind ourselves what the “treasure” juju does. I mean, obviously we know that Caliborn initially used it to seal the souls of the beta kids, and then later Vriska deployed it against Lord English. But what else does it do? John put his hand through it and it became distributed throughout the canon of Homestuck. This is an ability with a very specific scope; he is distributed not throughout reality, but throughout Homestuck itself. There’s a reason why it is shaped like the Homestuck logo; the ultimate weapon is a gateway to Homestuck.

Lord English cannot be destroyed by conventional means, he can only be defeated by the exploitation of glitches in Paradox Space. So far, the glitches in Paradox Space we have seen have taken a very specific form also; metacanonical altering. Caliborn jams sparkle dust in the game cartridge, and .jpeg artifacts appear across the comic. John sticks his hand in the the juju, he gains the ability to use a retcon glitch. This is how one “glitches” Paradox Space, they interact with the narrative itself; with Homestuck itself. The juju allows one to do this, and this is why it’s so powerful.

Here’s my hypothesis. The weapon/treasure juju does not have three different abilities, it has one. We’ve been seeing it as 1. being able to trap four souls, 2. being able to impart retcon abilities, and 3. having an offensive ability to be used against Lord English. In reality, these are all one ability! The ability to act as a gateway to the Homestuck canon!

Caliborn did not seal the four kids within the juju! He sealed them within Homestuck. This is why the comic is called “Homestuck”! The kids are literally trapped within the narrative by the power of the juju. But, this power is also how Lord English is eventually defeated! Here is what happens in the [S] Act 7 flash.

  • Vriska activates the juju, it grows big and the kid’s symbols flash on its surface.
  • The symbol on the victory platform flips around, and turns white, the same colour and size as the juju. A door appears on its surface.
  • A door also appears on the side of the juju facing Lord English! This is not a coincidence. There are two doors here, one leading one way, and one leading the other way.

Homestuck is ending. By that expanding convention of the Kids, John in particular, escaping their bonds, then there is one more bond for them to break, one more door for them to pass. They need to leave the comic itself.

This is what the white juju with the door represents! The door on the Kid’s side leads out of Homestuck, whereas the door on English’s side leads in.

The kids will get to live on in a happy life beyond the narrative, possibly in the extracanon epilogue, the Paradox Space comic, not to mention fanworks. English will not. Caliborn gaining his power is shown at the moment of his defeat because his timeline is cyclical, marked by two circumstancially simultaneous events; his birth and his defeat. Similarly, the kids leaving Homestuck and Lord English “entering” it are two circumstantially simultaneous events orchestrated by the juju. Lord English has become trapped within Homestuck. While the comic may end for the kids, and they can move on, English is forever trapped within a loop of destruction, held by the bounds of canon.

The reason the juju flashes with the kids colours is because it is preparing to release them, but not to fight English, it is preparing to release them from Homestuck itself, by the comic’s ending.

This is why the comic had to end right after this moment, because otherwise the kids would not have escaped and English would have more canon scope throughout which to dominate.

This is why the juju is white, this is why the Act 7 curtains are white. White is the colour of Homestuck itself, as shown in the text for the logo displayed in the flash in act 1. The white curtains close on the comic, the white juju acts as the gateway into canon.

Perhaps the Green Sun had influence that reached beyond the canon (Paradox Space comic)? If this was the case, the English can no longer use it to access anything outside the canon, because Calliope destroyed it.

This is what Homestuck means. The clue was hidden in the name all along. This was a story about four kids who had literally been trapped inside their own story, and escaped it, trapping their unkillable villain inside it as it ended, meaning that he could spread his destruction no further. Of course Lord English can no longer cause harm within Homestuck, if Homestuck itself has ended! What an appropriate way to defeat an undefeatable villain in a comic where fourth wall breaking and metacanonical interactions with the main narrative are such an integral plot device.

Here is Hussie, deciding to kill off Lord English the only way he can; by ending his own comic. If the ending seemed abrupt to you, this is why.

That magnificent bastard.