Okay, here’s another ‘outfit through time’ photo set - sort of… The top from today is different colors, but it’s the same brand/model top as in the other photos, bought at the same time. Also the jeans are different, but you get the idea. I’m not corseted in any of these photos.

That said, I don’t know exactly when the first was taken, but I’m going to guess it was around July/August 2013 (no breast forms, pre HRT… I hadn’t yet accepted I was trans at the time, I was just trying to incorporate some femininity into my daily life).

The second was taken in April 2014 (B-C cup breast forms, about 3.5 mos HRT, about a month after going full-time).

The third is taken today (post breast augmentation, 16 mos HRT).

I get happier with what I see every day that passes. I’m so grateful for modern medicine and the lucky hand I was dealt with my DNA. Sprinkle a little time and effort onto that, and this is the result!

Kaydee <3

Old But Gold ~ #3

Throughout the almost 3 years I’ve been in the brony fandom, I’ve been able to discover an enormous amount of bronymusic of all kinds and genres, and I honestly think too many of these songs have fallen under many people’s radars too many times.

That’s why I’m starting this series! Old But Gold will be a series of hopefully bi-weekly posts in which I’ll spotlight what I consider some of the older and best hidden gems of the community I’ve come across during my internet travels.

Here’s a playlist containing all of the songs I spotlighted so far, if you want:

HeyLasFas! - Party of One

This guy’s work needs waaaaaaaay more recognition.
This track is actually a cover of the fifth song from Tarby’s amazing EP: Something Broke, so check that one out if you’d like to have some more context. Right from the beginning, his distorted, scratching voice perfectly depicts the suffering, broken, and tormented state of mind of Pinkie Pie from the homonymous episode. There are build-ups and climaxes everywhere, the song constantly goes up and down and is so dinamic. And the ricocheting guitar solo that closes the song is SO FUN to listen to.
Here, have a working download button: DOWNLOAD
Fun fact: this is the first song in which Tarby used the line
“What have I done? What have I done? I’m all alone here, just a Party of One”,
which is a recurring line in a lot of his previous works.

Jesse Carlson - Rage Against The Moon

Ska is a pretty damn rare genre in this fandom, but this guy nails it. It’s a shame he hasn’t been more active.
This one is about Luna being banished to the moon, but there’s no Nightmare Moon here. In this interpretation, the act was one of punishment, not justice, and the mixture of fear, anger, and powerlessness felt from her perspective is greatly conveyed here, particularly during the smashing ending, in which she futily tries to run away from her sentence.
Working download here: DOWNLOAD

Peak Freak - Going Astray

Peak Freak was a damn talented guy that bacause of some stupid label thing he was signed to, was forced to delete all of his pony music and accounts to avoid legal problems with copywrights ect. It’s a damn shame, but fortunately some of his most glorious tracks are still findable here and there.
With his rockingly good, emotional voice and guitar solos, I hope he won’t be forgotten.
Lyrics here

H8_Seed - Mash & Slash With Dash

When H8_Seed deleted all his stuff for various reasons, there was a bit of a drama raised by the many bronies following him, as it seemed that he was kind of hating on them at first. After many, many months, he re-uploaded everything back, and I was so happily surprised for that. He’s got really great music and I bet he’s actually a really nice guy despite what some people think. Now he’s inactive but I hope to see some more stuff again in the future.
This song is one of the few ones he didn’t reupload. It’s got his signature synths and vocals, but there’s something different here compared to his other tracks: he raps! And he’s pretty damn good at it imo.
Lyrics here

Gotta cut this short……. Enjoy

“Levi?” Erwin had whispered, not quite shying away from the hands that were currently pressed against his cheeks.  One of Levi’s favorite parts of Erwin were his cheeks- Erwin wasn’t quite as sculpted then, and despite being almost twenty-one years old, he still had just a hint of prepubescent baby fat lingering in the cutest places.  Levi squished his cheeks, smiling faintly at him before leaning in just a little bit closer.

“Levi?” Erwin repeated.  “Levi, I can’t…”

“Can’t, or won’t?” he breathed.

And then, oh, then… Levi could’ve lived and died in the look that Erwin had given him.  His pupils blew wide, and something inside of Erwin visibly changed in a way that made Levi want to devour him whole.  His blue eyes grew less guarded, more primal, and Levi couldn’t do anything but shiver.

“Fuck it,” Erwin whispered, and it was the first time Levi had ever heard him swear.  

“Fuck it,” he said again, “neither.”

Erwin was the one to close the distance, pressing thick, soft lips against Levi’s thinner ones.  It wasn’t explosive, not even close, but it was exactly what Levi had wanted.  It was chaste and quiet, betraying Erwin’s obvious virginity.  Levi wanted to laugh, but he made better use of his mouth to show Erwin exactly what he knew how to do with his tongue…

I remember when I was a little (girl) I used to pee standing up because I wanted to be a boy and I wore boxers a lot and did really boyish things and my mom has the audacity to tell me I never had any male tendencies. Like stfu mom ur gay and I’m a boy goodbye thats bullshit