Sheith week day 4: flashback/reality. 

I like to use both prompts to make my life more difficult. 

Oh hey, also I was going to make this into an animated piece where it flashed back and forth like lights flickering (that’s why their poses are so similar.) but then I realized I don’t know how to do that. So, just use your imagination. 

A little less conversation and a little more touch my body || Seamus & Ray [Flashback]

It was late…very late and it was also a Friday night. This meant that Seamus was out drinking. His breath was hot with whiskey, a cigarette hung limply from the corner of his lips as he stumbled through the dimly lit streets, looking for a bar that was still open. His knees felt weak as he reached out, hands shaking, trying to balance himself, bracing his body up against the lamp post in front of him. 

“Fuckin’ hell” he slurred under his breath as he focused all his energry into stopping the road ahead of him from spinning. He shut his eyes, tipping his head back for a moment, exhaling smoke into the dark sky. He opened his eyes slowly, looking towards the stars. He’d really fucked himself up this time. It certainly wasn’t a good idea to drink that full bottle of whiskey by himself. 
With a defeated sigh he let himself slump to the ground, resting his elbows on his bent knees while he finished his cigarette.

Flicking the butt away, the ambers of the ashes fading into the darkness, dissapearing in front of his eyes. He pulled out his phone, squinting at the screen. He knew it wasn’t a good idea and he needed to stay away from anyone right now, espcially in this condition….but he couldn’t help himself.
He dialled Ray’s number and held the phone up to his ear.

“Where are you?” he slurred before sighing heavily down the line. 

“I need you…”

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Secret meeting

Hello, everyone. I am G, and I am the wife of A, who has been captured by our tyrant @synnie-battles.

I stand before you in this place of secrecy because we need change. As Donne once said “No man is an island,” and my husband is being right now being tortured because of pure hatred *face turning red, cannot hold her tears any longer*

My husband needs help! No man that enters hell alone makes it through. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I implore you all to give me your hand to save my husband. I am not asking anyone to become a martyr, but if you love being free and happy, please fight for someone who is neither one.

Thank you.

  • Omega:You don't have to share your food with me, A. You need to eat too.
  • A:Omega, you're the skinniest person I've ever seen. I don't want you to die. You can't even stand anymore. Take it all.
  • Omega:Very well, but at least swallow something, even if it's just cake.
  • A:All right, fine *eats some*