Tony Todd cast as the voice of Zoom on The Flash [x]

A lot remains unknown about the villain of the second of The Flash, Zoom, but now viewers at least have an idea of how he’ll sound. According to Variety, horror movie veteran Tony Todd, the Candyman himself, has been cast as the voice of Zoom. As of right now it appears that the actor’s not physically portraying the villain.

Part of the mystery of the season is who or what is underneath the Zoom outfit, and so we wanted to do something like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader – this iconic voice coming out of this mask,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told Variety. “Last year, we thought of the Reverse-Flash as a speed warrior; this year, Zoom is like a speed demon, and no one does demon-voice better than Tony Todd.” Kreisberg also teased the villain’s costume: “The Zoom outfit is much more organic than the Reverse-Flash suit. In a way, it’s hard to tell if it is a suit or alive… There’s no skin showing, for all you know there’s a robot underneath, or dark energy.


There is so much wrong with One Moment in Time but maybe the most despicable part was the first issue. They redialogued and cut up scenes from the Wedding annual and then inserted extra scenes by Riviera to give out grossly different impressions than was the case in the original annual.

Reading this accentuated the apparent doubts and apprehension Peter and MJ had in the original annual which were mostly just natural jitters. You don’t see any scenes which countermand that idea. The removal of the Bruce subplot or the Empire State Building scene all work against showing how the characters really did want to go through with this. 

Then you have the inserted crap. First of all the co-producer of the Life of Reilly blog said some really moronic crap about how ‘MJ dancing with loads of guys before her wedding showed how bad she was, or words to that effect (it wasn’t Greenberg for the record).

Second of all we’re supposed to take that scene in tandem with Harry’s comments but really even if you go by the scene and accept it it doesn’t do anything the original scene of the issue didn’t do…unless you buy into yes MJ doesn’t really want to be married to Peter. See how ‘inappropriate’ she is? She wants to dance with half-naked men (because bachelor parties haven’t ever had scantily clad women invovled in any way ever) and travel to exotic locations. And she will be all alone because he has to go and be Spider-Man…something she is fully aware of and accepted before agreeing to marry him because she was basically doing what she would do if she was married to him anyway.But you know that scene could’ve happened in the annual and it would’ve been actually not too bad. Just another doubt MJ would have that she would get over in order to marry Peter. Except that the way the annual plays it it is almost like she partied all night and then, oh yeah she has to get married. Like it didn’t matter to her.

And then we follow up the ‘MJ was left all alone see how bad she had it and how good it is she’s out of that relationship’ bullshit by having the modern day sequence reference it. Which is even MORE bullshit because if MJ was going to end their relationship or truly hold that against Peter she would’ve done so long, long long ago. On multiple occasions she’s been okay with it or at least one of them pointed out she knew what she was getting into. In JMS’ run she was even shown to put up with it willingly. You know…like the wives of doctors, policemen and fire fighters. Guess those guys are assholes for putting thier wives through that too amirite!

The Riviera scene following the nightmare wasn’t too offensive. It needlessly made Peter’s concerns less subtle and just further pushed the idea that he wouldn’t marry her/they are bad for each other. Thing is, even in this story it comes off as pre-wedding jitters for Peter because of the shit Peter knows MJ went through. Sure he WOULD probably think about this but ultimately, it isn’t that he wouldn’t care, he just wouldn’t let it hold him back because if he would he wouldn’t have gotten involved with ANYONE after Gwen died…or you know…have off panel resolved his problems and decided to marry MJ anyway like he did in the real version of this story.

But the worst thing to me was Harry.

MAYBE I could buy Harry and Flash expressing concern for all the doubts Peter seems to have (those doubts they seemed to put to rest at the bachelor party if you bother to look). Maybe, but frankly thier statements are asinine. Apart from the fact that they know Peter has wanted to get married ever since he was dating Gwen, nothing about what Peter is saying clearly indicated he has ‘a lot of doubts’. He is saying nothing that a million men have probably wondered about before they got married. What? There NO ONE who’s gotten married or stayed together has had moments of doubt or gotten freaked out by it? Shit, I was scared shitless and debated not going to live at college. Up until the first night I was every now and then nervously wondering, even suggesting ways that maybe I wouldn’t have to live away from home effectively by myself. I got over it in the first night. When you are on the cusp of a big major life change these sort of concerns are FAR from unnatural so Harry, a married man himself, reacting this way is questionable at the very least.

But what is worse is he is such a fucking asshole about Mary Jane. He is talking about her as if she isn’t his old friend and the godmother of his child! If she is so damn wild and irresponsible (even though she’s calmed down a shitton since college) why did Harry agree to let her be the godmother of his beloved son?

And she’s going to chew Peter up and spit him out because she can smell weakness? And then he SAYS how surprised he is that Peter pulled out? I get that he remembers what happened in the Drug Trilogy but Mary Jane is his friend. He cares about her. She assaulted a criminal to save him and his pregnant wife. He and his wife shipped Peter and Mary Jane months before their wedding. This is not Harry Osborn. Except for Quesada who first encountered MJ, Harry and Spider-Man in the Drug Trilogy where she wasn’t very nice to poor drug addicted Harry, no OF COURSE Harry would bear a grudge.

On top of all this shit most of Quesada’s “see see this is why they are bad for each other” moments don’t even make sense when we’ve SEEN what their married life was life and have been TOLD it was apparently the same after OMD. So MJ STILL got to party a lot. Peter wasn’t ALWAYS out being Spider-Man. MJ WAS okay with it at many points. MJ was NOTHING like how Harry described.

Worse is the fact that Harry saying this stuff and MJ getting mad alters their relationship as well. We were old everything happened the way we read it except they weren’t married. But now there is embarrassment and resentment mixed into MJ and Harry’s relationship. Now when he and Liz and MJ and Peter live together that is going to be an subtextual bone of contention. And Harry and Flash are going to look back on Peter and MJ and somewhere in their minds think ‘we saw that coming. This is awkward’. In fact every time they bring up marriage anyone who was at the wedding is going to feel awkward. Shit Flash in this story says he would love to be married and later on in the 90s is jealous of Peter being married to MJ. Well now THAT is screwed with as well.

It all loops back around into exemplifying why this is the worst Spider-Man story ever!

anonymous asked:

Why are you wary of how Zoom will fit into Barry's life?

Simply put, because Zoom is Wally’s Reverse Flash. 

I mean, the show obviously has the creative freedom to do what they want with the characters, comics be damned. But I sincerely hope that they don’t lessen the importance of Zoom as Wally’s RF. Thawne and Zolomon are two different villains for two different heroes, and so much of Zolomon’s motivation as a villain comes from Wally’s life and Wally’s history. And I’m wary of how they will change those motivations to make Zoom a villain for Barry (if they do at all - I’m not saying they will, and they might do an incredible job even if they do). 

I’m super interested in Season 2 and can’t wait for all the greatness, but if they fuck over Wally I’mma be pissed.