Finally completed! All you Streamers out there that would like to use this for alerts or any sort of flair for your stream, you can totally use it! Only thing I ask is you send them my way somehow! This will be the freebie for everyone, soon I will have the whole cast animated and there will be a store for you all to see. More to come!

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This Mei gif is 100% free to use as long as you are not making a profit.

ie. DON’T make t-shirts and sell them. 

ie. DO make t-shirts and wear them.


Supernatural: When dad isn’t home
An animation by yours truly, The Kao

Based on the trombone** viral video meme. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 


3rd year film from SVA. Done in roughly 8 weeks from start to finish. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me! <3

Always classy, never trashy, and just a little bit sassy

PLEASE VOTE for this Sassy Cat on the Line & Giphy Sticker Shop Contest! You’ve got until November 16 to vote as many times as you want!

I’d also appreciate it if you could spread the word. Watch out for my next blog post where I’ll be showing you guys my animation process and how I made this GIF!


When on your way out
Be sure that you say goodbye
Then lock the door tight.
-Everdred’s final haiku

Ampharos used Thunderpunch! It was super effective!

A bit of animation I started way back near the end of last year, then a million things came up and disrupted me from working on it for a long time, then I unearthed the file to finish it finally. One of those things…

(Thanks to Victor for helping me with some last-minute compositing bits!)


SPN: Do you like Waffles by The Kao 

Yes I made another Supernatural animation featuring Castiel and waffles!

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Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
Anna and Elsa animated GIF
(See the higher quality version in my blog)

FINALLY! After a pretty long hiatus my Disney Princess GIF series continues!!! To start off, here’s my ninth–and most requested–Princess GIF! (I wanted to show them *finally* building that long overdue snowman.)

I’ll be posting more princess GIFs within the week, so stay tuned to my social media accounts for that (I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my main blog–take your pick!)

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