Grand Falls, Arizona

Lava flows can cut across river valleys, deviating them into new courses, and forming a cap layer of hard rock, often more resistant to erosion than the sedimentary rocks below. One of the tallest waterfalls in the USA, was formed in this manner when basalt from the nearby Merriam Crater blocked the path of the Little Colorado river. The river eroded around the lava, and the falls formed where it rejoined its original bed.

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Flash flooding aftermath, Friday, Aug. 28, 2015, Sioux Falls, S.D.
On Thursday night parts of Sioux Falls received more than seven inches of raining causing flash flooding in parts of Sioux Falls.

More photos from the flash flooding cleanup by Argus Leader photographers here

©Joe Ahlquist / Argus Leader

Documenting the 1000 Year Flood in South Carolina

Documenting the 1000 Year Flood in South Carolina

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Brandon Sullivan has been busy over in South Carolina documenting the 1000 year flood for Accuweather. This is an absolutely historic weather event, with rainfall totals of over a foot, with a couple near and over two feet! This definitely brings back a few memories from this past Spring locally! Check out the pics and videos below! (more…)

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In today’s episode of ‘Texas can’t catch a break:' 

Torrential rain causes flash flooding in Houston

Rains drench Houston, cut power; Texas hasn’t seen end of drought

(video via AP)

Digging out of a muddy mess: In Manitou Springs, Colo. on Friday, a widespread flood in the region brought with it a ton of mud and debris, something the city is still digging out from. But if there’s anything this town has, it’s resilience. "It just seems like things keep happening,“ said local resident Lacey Linder, whose uncle was killed in the flash flood. But her statement comes complete with optimism: "Coloradans, we’re tough.” (photo by Dena Rosenberry/The Colorado Springs Gazette)

Flash flooding in the Philippines has claimed between 200 and 500 lives so far (depending on which news source you believe). If you think about it, that’s homes, schools, workplaces and people just washed away like they never existed. Rest in peace those gone, and to the survivors, my thoughts are with you. 

Aid agencies have begun work already to try and save as many people as possible but they need our help. Please think about donating whatever little you can. You may well help to save someone’s life. What’s a new phone compared to that?

I just wanted to say that my heart is out to all those who are suffering from the floods in queensland right now. As some of you may or may not know Queensland in Australia is currently being ravaged by torrential rains which have caused flash flooding in many towns. 11 people are dead and 77 are missing. Whether you have friends or family in Queensland know that there are people out there who are hoping for the best. This is a shocking tragedy for our country, for families, for animals and for towns, and the worst hasn’t even come yet. I urge anyone to PLEASE donate, even if it’s $10, $20 or $500, everything counts in the end. If you’d wish to donate, please go to http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html - you can donate online, internet banking, by mail or in person, details are on the website.

For a very brief rundown:

75% of Queensland is a disaster area. Queensland is 1,852,642 sq km or 715,309 sq miles in area.

The major dam protecting Brisbane and Ipswich is currently at 190% capacity

75% of Queensland’s coal mines (a major source of economic income for both Queensland and Australia) are shut down or inaccessible due to flooding. Queensland supplies 50% of the world’s coking coal. 

Damage is estimated to be around AUD$10-15 billion.

22 deaths have been attributed to the flooding since it started in late 2010. At the time of writing this, 78 are missing or unaccounted for.

Countless rural or regional towns are isolated or inundated.

Major roads and highways are cut right across the state.

In the South-East of Queensland alone, up to 40,000 homes may be affected.

Evacuations are continuing across the SE.

Energy companies are preparing to cut power to 100,000 homes as floodwaters rise.