Just before i went on holiday for a few days: 

  • Social media’s a snooze
  • No new BH scenes; Sprousehart mini-drought in session
  • General fandom crabbiness & weird internal wars on the brink of eruption 

While i’m away:

  • PT writes an (actually really quite lovely!?) apology post
  • Concern troll appears to freak us out about Daniella again, only to be proved definitively, hilariously wrong because…
  • SH flash-flood: Cole and Lili head off their most public romantic break so far

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I hear Whistler is delightful this time of year.  


Hello, fellow writers! 

Have you been experiencing some kind of writing dry spell? Writer’s block? I personally find that sentence starters and prompts blogs are a huge help. I compiled this masterlist for some friends (hello @bangtan-bookclub) but I hope this list inspires everyone else too~

Sentence Starters

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AU Prompts

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Masterlists / Lists, in General

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Ask Games

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Blogs that Induce a Flash Flood of Creative Juices

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I still have a few more, but I think I’ll save those for another list~ Have fun!

My phone started screaming because theres flash flooding or some shit so i rolled over onto it to dampen the noise so i could fall back to sleep

tea for two... (1/1)

“you’ve been camping in a crappy tent next to my really comfortable caravan/motor home and it’s been raining cats and dogs for ages, do you want to come in and have a cup of tea to warm up?” (5000 words, rated M) AO3

Setting her Kindle down on her chest for the third time in ten minutes, she covers her eyes with her palms and tries to shake away the thought that keeps creeping past her well-constructed rules. Rules that don’t allow welcoming strange men into her camper. Rules that don’t care about the flash flood warning that keeps popping up on her phone and definitely don’t care that his tent is at the bottom of a hill. Sure, he’s seemed relatively harmless the few times they’ve crossed paths, twice at the showers and once down at the lake. His smile had been friendly each time, mildly flirtatious and devastatingly sexy, but not smarmy and he’d left her alone. A casual wave is as much as she’d gotten, one that she’d returned without thinking. She’d seen him sitting at his campfire the night before, seemingly transfixed to the flames as if lost in thought, or memories maybe, but that had just been her spinning tales as she’d gazed upon his fire-lit profile. Even after the logs were little more than ash, he’d stayed there, waiting until the last ember floated away on the breeze before turning in for the night. She can admit to herself that there’s something about him that intrigues her, his confidence in his solitude, perhaps, something she knows a bit about herself.

So why is she lying here fighting an urge to save him? Who says he even needs, or wants, to be saved?

Frustration has her shucking the covers from her legs so she can stand and pace up and down the narrow walkway between her bunk and the kitchenette. Each time she passes the small window she pauses for a longer look, the rain pelting the window obscuring the view the faint glow of a lantern illuminating his tent from the inside. Eventually, she just stops and stares, waiting to see if she will see his shadow move past the light. When she does, it’s like a flip gets switched and a decision she doesn’t remember making is already made and she’s shoving her feet into her hiking boots and fumbling her head through the hole of her $3.00 rain poncho.

Her jeans and face are soaked almost immediately after stepping outside. Curses fly from her lips as her boots sink into unseen puddles of mud and she nearly topples down the hill, her hand grabbing a nearby tree catching her fall. By the time she’s reached the side of his tent she’s convinced this was the dumbest idea she’s ever had. It’s only seeing the shadow of him standing and moving to the entrance that stops her from turning around and heading back up the hill.

A dark head of hair emerges from the zipper, one hand shielding eyes she knows are the brightest of blue from the unrelenting rain

“Everything alright, love?” 

Bristling slightly at the endearment, she aims her flashlight pointedly at the puddle overflowing into the opening of his tent.

“You seem to be taking on water there, Captain.”

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High School!Sanvers AU

@shipsnthenight you ask, I provide.

They’re freshmen.

They’re freshmen and Alex isn’t sure why, but every time she sees Eliza Wilke, a small flash of… something… floods her veins.

It feels a little like she does when her new little sister shows her the powers she has.

Something like jealousy.

Something like feeling… less.

She’s not sure why – she’s made fast friends with Vicky Donahue, and Vicky’s great, Vicky’s funny and a great bio lab partner and likes to read, so why would Alex care that Eliza Wilke and that Maggie Sawyer girl are always laughing together, are always standing close to each other, are always cracking up about some horror movie special effects, are always together, together, together?

She’s not sure why she cares so much.

It’s not like Maggie Sawyer ignores her or anything.

To the contrary.

The first day Alex walked into school to greet the whispers that accompany getting a new sister overnight – a new sister who doesn’t even seem like she’s from this planet – Maggie comes up to her with a soft smile and an offer to help show New Danvers around.

“Siblings can be rough, Danvers, and you didn’t have that whole nine month thing to prepare. Just find me if you want some space to yourself, to adjust or whatever.”

But then Eliza is tugging Maggie along, tugging Maggie away, and Maggie is looking over her shoulder apologetically and mouthing “let me know” and “sorry” and Alex thinks that it’s maybe, definitely, jealousy.

Because she hears Maggie Sawyer give answers in class.

And they’re always sharp. So sharp they make Alex want to know what goes on in that Sawyer girl’s brain. All the time.

But she can’t, because Maggie Sawyer seems to belong to Eliza Wilke.

Until February 15th, that is.

Until February 15th, when Maggie comes to school with swollen, red eyes and disheveled clothes and a jaw set in fury, set in rage, set in total and utter agony. Set in a perpetual challenge.

The whispers are that she’s lucky her father only sent her to live with an aunt. That he didn’t send her to get fixed, because how disgusting is that? How can any girl ever trust her if she’s just going to try to… ew? How can she ever expect to have any friends? There was always something off about her, anyway.

Alex doesn’t just hear what. 

Alex hears why.

Something about a note in Eliza’s locker. Something about Eliza telling her parents, and her parents telling Maggie’s parents. Something about Maggie’s parents calling her the scum of the earth.

“Hey,” she shouts across the hall, and Eliza Wilke turns around with defiance in her vaguely red eyes.

“Why the hell would you do that?” Alex demands, slamming her open palm into the locker above Eliza’s head. 

She doesn’t care that the entire hallway goes instantly silent, and she doesn’t notice that Maggie is peaking out from the science department office with wide, disbelieving eyes.

“Do what, Danvers?”

“How could you do that to her? She’s never been anything but nice to you – “

“Yeah, because she wanted to have sex with me or something – “

“Well she doesn’t deserve to be punished for her terrible taste in women!”

An oooooh rises up from the forming crowd, now, and Alex is seeing red, and Alex doesn’t care.

Because she’s had enough of people making fun of her, of people making fun of her little sister. 

Kara’s not in her grade, not even in the same school building as her yet. She can’t always prevent things from happening to Kara. And she’s already beginning to hate herself for it.

But dammit, she won’t fail the girl with the soft eyes and the open heart, too.

“Careful, Danvers, people are gonna say you play for the other team, too!” Rick Malverne snickers from behind her, and Alex turns, and Alex punches him straight in the face.

“Yeah, so what if I did? I’d rather be gay than a jerk like all of you any day!”

Only then does she notice Maggie.

Maggie’s wide eyes and Maggie’s hand under her lips, her face not knowing whether to smile or cry.

Alex flushes and she storms down the hall, away from a groaning Rick, away from a sad-eyed Eliza.

Toward a wide-eyed Maggie. 

She tosses her arm around her shoulders and she tugs her away from the crowd, away from… everything. 

She knows a place on the fifth floor staircase where no one ever goes.

It’s a good place to come to rest.

To read.

Or to comfort.

“You didn’t have to do that, Danvers,” Maggie says, and her voice is small, defeated. Alex has never heard it like that – and she’s paid a lot of attention to Maggie’s voice, she’s realizing suddenly – and it breaks her heart.

“Well, someone had to,” she brushes it off, collapsing onto a stair and digging into her bag.

“Peanut butter and jam?” she says, and she holds out the entire thing to Maggie.

She’s in yesterday’s clothes. Alex doesn’t imagine her aunt bothered to pack her lunch.

Tears flood her eyes and she nods wordlessly and she lets Alex hold her close while she eats.

Alex doesn’t ask anything, and Maggie doesn’t tell anything.

She doesn’t have to.

“You’re coming home with me tonight,” is all Alex says into the silence of the abandoned stairwell, and she knows that for all Eliza rags on her, she will never turn her back on another child in need.

And Maggie? Maggie is smart, and she’s tough, and Alex, looking at her as though for the first time, thinks she’s the most beautiful girl she’s ever seen.

So beautiful.

Alex knows she can take care of herself. But she doesn’t want her to have to.

“Why?” is all Maggie asks, and Alex thinks of Maggie’s lips briefly, thinks of how it would have made her heart sing if Maggie had left a Valentine in her locker instead of Eliza’s.

But that’s all for later, because now? Now she thinks of Kara. Kara’s nightmares and Kara’s tears and Kara’s stories from back home.

She shrugs and she passes Maggie a tangerine from her bag, because Maggie is hungry and because she can’t stand all the healthy food Eliza packs for her, anyway. 

“We’re stronger together,” she offers with a small smile, and when Maggie returns it, she thinks maybe everything’s going to be alright, after all.


Bucky Barnes x Reader 

 Song : Happier by Ed Sheeran 

 A/N ; heard this song last night and it hit me hard! It’s so beautifully heartbreaking. And thought I should make a fic based off it! I really hope you all enjoy it! 

Word Count : 1K+

The rain was light, with no wind which made it easier to walk in. Bucky was on his way to the bar. His hands were deep in his front pockets, with his head slightly hanging low and his hair covering his eyes.

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After Thunderstorm by Yi Jiang

photographers note:  It was taken at Zion National Park on September 14, 2015. Heavy thunderstorm caused flash floods in this area. Six hikers became the victims of flash floods within Zion National Park. I present this image in remembrance of them. The last sun light was reflected on Watchman Peak.


SPN FanFic

~It’s hard to live apart while he’s at work, but this is the life you both signed up for~

Jensen x Reader

1,612 Words (including lyrics)

Warnings: Bit o’angst. Touch of smut. Romantically sad? 

A/N: Based on the song “Faithfully” by Journey. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to @taste-of-dean for the read over. 

Highway run

Into the midnight sun.

Wheels go ‘round and ‘round

You’re on my mind.

Another season. Months away from home, going weeks at a time without your touch. It was hard, but it was the life you’d both chosen.

Another con. Another weekend where he could be home with you, but you insisted he go. The fans kept him going, kept him coming back for more, but he longed to see you.

The phone calls weren’t enough. The texts, the quick little messages helped him get through the day, but at night, he would reach across the vacant bed, fingers closing around the empty place where you should be. On the darkest nights, those nights when it seemed too hard to be gone, he would call you, laying the phone on his pillow just to listen to your voice as he fell asleep. You’d tell him of your day, silly things the kids had done, anything really. He wanted to know everything he was missing, needed to know you were alright. It broke your heart to hear the sadness in his voice as he whispered to you, promising everything was OK, that he’d be home soon. The miles between you stung like so many needles in your heart, but you stayed strong, keeping up a smile so he wouldn’t hear how much you were hurting too. You soothed him with your voice since your arms couldn’t reach that far.

“I love you Y/N/N,” he’d sigh as his eyes finally drifted closed.

“Love you more.”

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