Major Flooding Event Continues in Region This Weekend... - May 23, 2015

Severe weather and flooding will continue across the Southern Plains this weekend as near-record PW values combine with strong lift from an upper trough to exacerbate major ongoing flooding. Also, there will be a risk of severe weather with a tornadoes and large hail being possible. (more…)

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Digging out of a muddy mess: In Manitou Springs, Colo. on Friday, a widespread flood in the region brought with it a ton of mud and debris, something the city is still digging out from. But if there’s anything this town has, it’s resilience. "It just seems like things keep happening,“ said local resident Lacey Linder, whose uncle was killed in the flash flood. But her statement comes complete with optimism: "Coloradans, we’re tough.” (photo by Dena Rosenberry/The Colorado Springs Gazette)


In today’s episode of ‘Texas can’t catch a break:' 

Torrential rain causes flash flooding in Houston

Rains drench Houston, cut power; Texas hasn’t seen end of drought

(video via AP)

A Good Rain Coming For NW Oklahoma... June 10, 2015

A Good Rain Coming For NW Oklahoma… June 10, 2015

Northwest Oklahoma, the area which lost out a bit on the most recent heavy May rains, could be in line to get a good soaking of their own over the next three days. Current WPC progs put a 3″+ bullseye over NW Oklahoma, with lesser amounts surrounding that in the Eastern Panhandles and into Central Oklahoma. (more…)

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Flash flooding in the Philippines has claimed between 200 and 500 lives so far (depending on which news source you believe). If you think about it, that’s homes, schools, workplaces and people just washed away like they never existed. Rest in peace those gone, and to the survivors, my thoughts are with you. 

Aid agencies have begun work already to try and save as many people as possible but they need our help. Please think about donating whatever little you can. You may well help to save someone’s life. What’s a new phone compared to that?