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“The happiness I found after that wasn’t because I could outrun a jet or even that I was trained by my idol. It’s because I didn’t have to wait for the summer to visit aunt Iris anymore. I could run from Blue Valley to Central City in less than a minute. And when my parents finally split up, Iris and Barry became my real family.”
- Wally West, DC Universe: Rebirth

I think I have newfound respect for the artists of the Flash and any other comic with speedsters in it. It takes skill to draw people running every two panels without doing the same pose again and again. Seriously, how do they do it?

side note: anyone know what’s up with Bart in rebirth? i vaguely remember a trial in the future and him helping Cassie and Tanya catch Superboy in n52’s Teen Titans but then what? Did he vanish?

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HIM?!?!?!! - Wally West

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Request: “Hi! Can you please write a imagine where the reader is batman’s teenage daughter and all the batfam loves her because she’s so pure and kind but one day they found her in bed with Wally West (or other boy you’d like to write :3) Love your writing❤”

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Word Count: 689

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To say you were an unknown person, was unreasonable. You were practically known by everyone; at least in Gotham. You were the daughter of Bruce Wayne, Y/n Wayne. Of course, you knew about him being Batman and everyone else in the Justice League, even the “sidekicks” although they hated being called that. But there was one particular boy that you really, REALLY liked; his name was Wally West. 

You had known him for a long long time, ever since Dick brought him to the Manor you and Wally just clicked. You and him have been keeping your relationship a secret, not even Dick knew; and he was Wally’s best friend! But the hard part was, hiding it from your Dad, I mean, he is THE Batman, the greatest detective alive. There have been some close calls; like one time where you were sitting in the couch with Wally, watching a movie and he was leaning in to kiss you but then your Dad walked in and you had to pretend that you had something in your eye. After that your Dad became more suspicious of your behavior with each other, so you became more careful of your relationship.

Until one day, you were up in your room watching some Netflix when you heard tapping on your window, you looked outside and saw Wally on your balcony. “Wally?” you called out opening the door, “What are you doing here? My dad is home,” you said after closing the door, he grabbed your forearms and pulled you in for a kiss. “I don’t care, y/n,” he said sitting on your bed, “I want to be with you, and not hide it, I want to go out on a date and hold you hand,” He grabbed your hands and pulled you towards him, you were now standing in between his legs. Biting your lips you replied “I want that too, Wally, but what about my dad? He’ll rip your head off,” Wally smirked and said “He’ll have to catch me first.” He pulled you onto him and flipped you over so now you were underneath him. “Wally!” You laughed as he tickled your sides lightly. You look back up to him when he stops and you gaze into his greenish eyes as he stares into yours. He leans in for a passionate kiss when the door slams open. You gasp in surprise and Wally falls off the bed. Your dad clears his throat before speaking, “Y/n, may I talk to you in my office.” You nod as you get up and start walking to his study.

As your dad walks in, he closes the door after him. You expected him to yell at you, which is what he did at first, saying, “HIM?!?!!?!! Really?? Out of all the people in the world you chose him??!” You kind of just shrug, you don’t know what to say. “I mean you could have told me instead of keeping it a secret, I wouldn’t have been mad….ok scratch that, I would have been, but I would have gotten over it, too.” He moves to go sit next to you on the couch as you move over to make space for him. “I just- I just want you to tell me everything, well maybe not everything, but I want you to know that i’m here for you, whenever you need me, even if i’m on patrol, call me and say “Hey dad I need to talk to you” and i’ll be right there,” you smile and go over to hug him, “Thanks papa, you’re the best.” You get up to leave until he stops you for a second “Oh and y/n, use this please,” you turn around to see him throw something flat at you, you catch it and turn it over seeing a condom in your hand, “DAD!” you shout in embarrassment as he just laughs and you leave the room showing Wally what you have in your hand as he bursts out laughing, you punch him in the shoulder hearing him shout, “OW!”, before going back to your room.