1. HTML: Handles Internet with CSS and Javascript. Breaks the 4th wall on a daily basis. Literally a popstar. The gay is strong here.
  2. CSS: The one that does HTML’s wardrobe. Avid abstract artist. Bullies Javascript for eternity. Extremely one sided love for HTML.
  3. Javascript: Will do anything to keep HTML’s shit together. Has more than 10 toolboxes. Java’s happy sibling. Lowkey crush on Ruby.
  4. PHP: Confused 80% of the time. Oblivious to everything. ??????. No one knows she’s a great musician.
  5. SQL: Tsundere like no tomorrow. Cares a lot about PHP, but also consistently gets pissed at her. They live in the library. Robot arm because of a bookshelf accident.
  6. Python: Loves mountains and camping. Owns 2 bikes. Lowkey crush on the entire C family. Flaming bisexual.
  7. Ruby: Python’s hiking partner. Lives in a cave she renovated all on her own. Secretly wants to overthrow Python. Highkey crush on Javascript.
  8. C: Wildlife and nature. Exercises with tree trunks. The one who taught Python how to camp. Daddy.
  9. C++: The son of C. Always hangs out with Java at the arcade. Consistently wins online arguments. Has a crush on Python.
  10. Java: C++’s bestfriend. Owns 2 bookshelfs: One with video games, and one with actual books. Doesn’t know what sleep is. Absolute nerd.

As promised. Which ones should I do next?

Welcome to the Family (Avengers x young!reader)

Happy morning everyone! I hope your Monday is wonderful and that good things come your way. Now, that I’ve finished Battered and Bruised, I’m going to spend my time doing one-shots till I can collect my thoughts and ideas and throw it into one heck of an awesome series. I think I’ll stay away from the angst and pain with the next one and give it more of a cute and fluffy vibe. You’re all amazing and I love you guys. Feel free to message me, I’m always here if anybody needs someone to talk to. xoxo :)

This one was requested by anon. If you’re out there, I hope you enjoy this, love. 

Request: Avengers x young!reader?

Description: During the Battle of Sokovia, you come out of hiding to help the Avengers fight Ultron.

Warnings: Cursing


“Hey, Clint! I need a little help over here!” Natasha yelled through the comm system as she electrocuted one Ultron’s soldiers. There were about twenty more coming and she was all by herself. She wasn’t going to be able to do this alone. 

“Uh, I’m a little busy right now!” Clint was firing arrow after arrow at the spaces in between the metal plates of the robots, trying to hit their inner wiring. Wanda was with him, but she could only do so much. She was tearing them apart and throwing them at other soldiers, crashing them into walls. But, even with the two of them, they were beginning to be outnumbered. 

“Come on, anybody?” Natasha was out of breath and the sound of her huffing could be heard through everyone’s ear piece. 

“Nat, I’ll try to be there soon. I need to finish these guys off at the bridge.” Steve could be heard grunting, his words seething through his clenched teeth. 

“I don’t know if you’ll get here soon enough.” She realized that this could be the end of her, that she wouldn’t make it off of this floating rock. “But hey, I wouldn’t mind dying when this is the view I get to see.” More of Ultron’s robots were hurtling towards her and she was beginning to exert the last of her energy. She took one down, just to have another one topple her to the ground. She was trying to throw it off of her, but it was too heavy. All she could do was push against his weight and dodge his punches. “Sorry, guys.” She grunted out as her arms were about to give out. 

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Conan O’Brien’s The Flaming C returns, this time appearing in Young Justice:

Conan had a surprise waiting for him when he got into the office yesterday, Warner Brothers Animation had dropped off a fully animated clip featuring The Flaming C! He’s back and he’s more animated than ever! HE MOVES AND TALKS AND HANGS OUT WITH BATMAN. Yes, you read that right! Batman. Conan’s custom superhero self joins the rest of the Justice League in this special animated clip. It’s so bad-ass. You’ve never seen Conan like this before.

Conan is quickly becoming the go-to-place for DC Comic humor. I can’t wait to see where the Flaming C turns up next…


At the end of Ava’s Demon: Book Two there are a bunch of sketches by Michelle. When I found this one I wanted very badly to see it in colour, because surprise surprise, I ship the hell out of Flaming Arrow C: So, I went ahead and did it myself.
I changed the flower to Florem Mortem as it is Odin favourite C:
please excuse my terrible grass, I know it looks like they’re floating >.<

In first year Remus Lupin met a boy with long dark hair and a look in his eye.

In second year he thought he saw a flame in Sirius Black.

In third year saw a scornful family and realized they had struck the match.

In fourth year they danced in the night and he caught a spark. 

In fifth year Sirius smiled and left Remus warm for days.

In sixth year Remus tasted kisses that were coloured red. 

In seventh year they were ablaze.

But sorrow was water and trauma a sandbag. And for twelve years, Remus was cold. 

In the thirteenth year, he thought he saw something in a tired man and his bones began to warm. He felt a smile that still bore a glow.

In the fourteenth year Remus finally heard a flame

“N i c e   o n e,   J a m e s!”

He turned, just in time to watch it leave his eyes. 

Mars in Leo - His Battlefield Majesty 

Love is the magician, the enchanter, that changes worthless things to Joy, and makes royal kings and queens of common clay. It is the perfume of that wondrous flower, the heart, and without that sacred passion, that divine swoon, we are less than beasts; but with it, earth is heaven, and we are gods.”  
Robert G. Ingersoll

The flame throwing energies of Mars may find it hard to move freely in Fixed Leo. But the potion concocted with twin themes of Fire create a boisterous wildfire, larger than life impulse of energy, and a force so strong it ignites its own spotlight. Those born with Mars in Leo experience erratic mood fluctuations, periods of intense euphoria followed by bouts of Alice in Wonderland tears, and unsteady internal conditions. The amount of energy resides in the inflammation of emotion and the heart muscle. It is through larger than life emotional experiences, explosions of energy, and inner battles that Mars in Leo people direct into creativity, sexual and romantic pursuits, charging toward magnificent personal ambition, and leaving a memorable imprint on her surroundings. Her sword is held like a trophy and she is ready to hurtle recklessly into threatening pursuit to soothe the storm in her chest. Her energy is dispensed through the beat of her heart. The battle is for love, romantic love, and true self love.

Mars in Leo personalities are fiercely protective. The individual will likely be hysterically alarmed about issues where injustice against the vulnerable, innocent, animal abuse, and or child maltreatment has occurred. Think of the King Lion who ferociously guards the baby cubs, even if this means sacrificing himself. She fuses an open heart generosity with a ravenous need for approval and adoration. Maybe she out pours emotions dramatically, even inappropriately, to seal the need to have those people around her understand the intensity of her mood. Mars in Leo individuals are sparkling, enthusiastic and insatiable in love. There is a combination of the heart’s intense energies infused with the aggressive defender of the battlefield. There may be swings of high grandiose egotism coupled with extreme hyperactive spirits then bouts of self contempt, embarrassment and shame. The individual can be highly reactive and sensitive response to criticism and humiliation. She may be demanding sexually and take a lot of pride in her partners satisfaction. There is a wildness in her seduction and a fire cracker magic in her madness. Difficulty submitting to authoritarian or oppressive forces can characterise Mars in Leo. Many nurture the inner child into old age. This both reinforces and ignites the individual’s mutual attraction with children and guardianship.

Mars in Leo people illuminate a glowing presence in the face of company. The fire of Mars annexing with the flame of the Sun light the eyes like solar sun bursts and the radiation through their pores can be rarely missed. Mars in Leo individuals will dominating and impassioned romantically. There is a need to bellow feelings of love to the world. The individual responds melodramatically to perceived betrayal or abandonment, and may resort to extremes to attenuate the need for attention. A Mars in Leo placement indicates a volatile temperament, an aggressive fighter of injustice, extravagant generosity and states of vicious rage. Destructive patterns can emerge when Mars combat is channel the combat through Leo’s ego, rather than heart. She has to win the battle inside before fighting on behalf of something bigger. Mars in Leo people shine the sun on the battlefield, and she is brilliantly confident, amorous, gracious, fierce, explosive and exuberant. She is the Queen who knows how to rule with command and grace. When she is in love, the whole world knows about it, because her heart roars and her spirit spindles flames into gold.


Samurai Jack Episode C spoilers (the one with the flaming eyebrows)

What a nice single letter episode.

I see we’re starting where we left off.

“It’s not you, it’s the residue—“ HAHAHA, they have to make that perfectly clear—both of them. They’re on the same brain wave. And she touches his face. And he’s smiling so perfectly contentedly like I don’t believe we’ve ever seen Jack with that level of contentment before.

She makes it a point to peer back down the corridor to return his “bye”. UGH, what adorable warrior children. Something terrible is about to happen, isn’t there?

“Where am I gunna find some clothes?” With any luck she’ll find some outer spacey armour. Aaaand, it’s a big ‘ol t-shirt. And boots. I like it more than the leaf dress though.

Jack is taking a shower.

Because of course.

There is absolutely nothing by way of sexual suggestion to this at all.

Absolutely nothing.

That teeny time smile on Ashi’s face? Nothing suggestive at all.

This is great.

“Be careful.” So much foreboding and heaviness in those two words, from sad beard Jack. And so much sense too. The resolution of his mission is now rather more complicated. And from a storytelling perspective, I’m down with it. Like there had always been the suggestion that Jack’s mission would end simply when he destroyed Aku (like how it was described by those kids telling stories during the fairy tale episode way back in the old series). Now, character development is happening.

They’re both so…polite to one another. A little stilted, a little awkward, but they’re both so happy they could burst.

They gunna fuck or what?

Memories of little boy Jack! He -did- have an entire life before training, didn’t he? There was a time when he was just the prince, but not a warrior, and he was the heir, but he didn’t have the mission to save the world.

He describes the seasons changing around the old palace, and it’s Jack being unusually verbose again, but in a lovely way.

Ashi asks him if there was “a girl” (which leads to “Plenty! Ohhh you mean—“) Where does Ashi get her knowledge about relationships? It seemed she was raised with very little idea about traditional notions of romance. Did she just sort of assume that there could have been “a girl?” I mean couldn’t she have also assumed that a person could have had many special someones before? (Did her mother ever sit her down and say that sometimes, when a woman loves our Lord and Master Aku very much, she becomes individually special to him and they I don’t actually know where this is going never mind).

“It’s nice to remember the time before Aku. It’s the only way I’ll see it again—as a memory.” Kinda sums up All of Samurai Jack’s feelings from season 1 huh?

Scaramouch has octopus legs now…? What is this music it’s awesome.

“Now GOOO”. Hahahaha.

Scaramouch finally gets to deliver his message. And I did miss the old giant-Aku-rising-out-of-the-pit-to-speak-with-hapless-messengers-on-that-little-ledge.

That ten seconds of Scaramouche, returned to his body, and Aku, just kinda dancing and doot-doo-doot-ing. I guess he really is Aku’s favourite bounty hunter.

So Jack -did- knowingly leave Ashi behind. That’s not going to bite you in the ass.

An old-school Jack walking alone sequence. Leading him back to the graveyard of fallen mecha. Which should lead him to the Guardian.

And the Guardian’s shades are cracked on the ground. What is happening?? Like everyone else, I’d assumed that it would be the Guardian’s portal that he’d finally be able to take back to the past.

“You need to go back,” he tells Ashi. Back where, Jack? She’s killed her mother, her sisters are dead, and she’s now as committed to the mission as you.

It’s building up to a sweet moment - we can beat Aku together, Jack—and then that old, familiar “SAHMUHRAI JAAACK,” with the slow camera turn, to reveal that Aku’s is already there. I’m terrified for Ashi, honestly.

“Aku!” says Jack. “Aku…” says Ashi.

And there goes Scaramouche, Aku’s favourite bounty hunter (did like that shot though - Aku looming large, Scaramouche perched on the ruined mech. I thought it was setting up for Jack to fight Aku and Ashi to fight Scaramouche).

And now the circumstances of Ashi’s birth arise. She really was born of Aku’s essence (well…there’s more than one way of granting that essence. Was wondering if it would cut abruptly ala Jack and Ashi’s kiss to a scene of Aku having congress with the Mother–this being an adult cartoon now and everything. This was the least uncomfortable way of granting his essence).

Wait—did neither Jack nor Ashi know about this? It was always nebulous how Ashi and her sisters came to be, but does it really make a difference if she’s an actual spawn of Aku, when what had made her a ‘Daughter’ was that she was raised to despise Jack and try to kill him (especially when of her own volition she was able to break out of her upbringing)? (I’m guessing yes).

“I didn’t do this”. (So…yes, there are very specific implications of arising from Aku’s bloodline).

Oh man, this is the saddest sword fight ever. What does individual will count for in the face of Aku’s magic essence? Dynamic camera movements here, the despair in Ashi’s voice, the neatness of their every movement—this isn’t going to end well. This isn’t going to end well at all.

“You try to raise them right and they run off with your mortal enemy.” HAHAHA, casual evil Aku.

“You are not your father. You are not your mother.” I’m glad that even in extremis, Jack understands that this is not Ashi’s doing at all. Which will make what happens all the more painful.

Favourite shot of the episode: Ashi, still stricken, and Aku’s face looms up behind her, smiling.

Ashi’s eldritch form is blessed with her father’s flaming eyebrows.

And she is terrifying. Not quite shapeshifting, but her limbs stretch in entirely unnatural ways. And she goes stab-stab-stab.

“KILL ME JACK.” Oh fuck, fuckity fuck fuck fuck. It was going to lead to that, yes, but now that we’re there, it hurts. And I love Ashi as a character, I will -feel- it if this is how she ends.

“I can’t.” FUCK.

Anyone wanna intercede? Flora? Ghost Scotsman?

That last shot, of a painted Aku (as in the opening of the old series), victorious with the sword, and eldritch Ashi and mourning Jack. How the fuck are they going to resolve all of this next episode? I don’t want them to. I don’t want this to end yet. I want another ten episodes of just piecing out their story. Ughghghh.

In fairness, coming in to Samurai Jack season 5, I did not expect at all that it would go to where it ended up leading to. Aku deciding to essentially check out until he hears Jack’s lost his sword. Jack’s relationship with Ashi. What seems to be Jack’s defeat because even with the fate of his mission in the balance, and the burden of his years of wandering, he can’t bear for Ashi to be just a memory.

As with everyone else watching, there was that assumption that Ashi might turn out to be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of the narrative, but I don’t know if anyone expected it to turn out this way—with her unwittingly being the one that brings Jack down.

Makes sense that Aku wouldn’t kill Jack here though. He did keep the Emperor alive to suffer pain and humiliation for years and years. And Jack was a bigger thorn in his side than the Emperor ever was.

I don’t know how this is going to end. That’s a wonderful thing.

  • Diavolos: C'mon Kenna, join the dark side. It's really cool.
  • Kenna: Well, who's in it?
  • Diavolos: Uh, there's me, my father, this guy Florian Tartassis. You'll meet him, he's awesome. Oh, and Zenobia Nevrakis.
  • Zenobia: I'll be your friend if you let me kick your ass.

COVERED IN THE COLORS - an akirann fanmix







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