listen i know my taako design is a skinny skeleton bc im a sucker for the iconic tall-skinny/short-round/big-big trio look but see

never do i regret that design more than at the scene where taako canonically fuckin twerks

if u got ur soft shell good good chub taako hc for that scene then that’s Optimal it reads well it’s funny but also in character and looks fine and good

but if u get to that scene w a skinny taako ur hit with the terrible image of this beanpole of a man tryin to shake what he doesn’t have. some miley cyrus lookin ass. some milky cypress bony thigh gap embarrassment jam this is why we need big taakos

Bright Lights: Chapter 50 - That’s a wrap

Originally posted by letowolfie

Note: Bright lights is at Chapter 50, thank you for every one who helped get it here. 


Chapters 50

Words: 152, 322

Pages: 511

Trigger Warning: None that I am aware of, let me know if you think there’s something here

tagging: @fyeahproudglambert @msroxyblog @meghan12151977 @teggles07

Chapter 50

Jared grabbed walked right to me and held my face in between his hands. My eyes opened wide.

“You are so fucking amazing” he said his face moving in.

“No, I like the other Leto” I panicked trying to pull back as he kissed my nose. Letting me step back. “You could have just spoken do me dude,” I grumbled.

“Yeah, but I dint want you to think the video was going to be a fail,”

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New Years Follow! Part (1/5)


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The Charmings: New One Shots!

The first few one shots of July Jamboree!

Our Crazy Life: Storybrooke AU. Mary Margaret and David Nolan are the parents of 5 children. Everyone calls them crazy for having that many, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. AO3/FF

Revenge of the Dark Ones Part II: Submitted by a guest. Enchanted Forest AU. Snow spends the afternoon with Emma, after a grueling day of ruling. AO3/FF

Same Love: Submitted by Isaiah Flamez. Enchanted Forest AU. Emma and Neal come out as gay to their parents together. AO3/FF

Neal’s Favorite Babysitter: Submitted by oncer4life11. Canon divergence of season 6. Snow and David come home early from date night, hearing a sweet speech that Emma gives her baby brother. AO3/FF