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My calc teacher made our class take a poll for "What We Thought Was More Digusting: Huge Age Gaps in Married Couples or Transgender People" and he was defending the age gap saying that he'd rather his daughter come home with a 60 year old man than to come back as a boy... he kept saying transgender people were unnatural and they grossed him out and here I am, president of my schools GSA listening to this bs that a math teacher was preaching and these kids just agreed with him it was revolting

Okay so I waited until I got off work to answer this because I am livid

1. What on Earth makes him think that’s an appropriate question for school, barring it being a logistics class, he’s a fucking math teacher

2. Report him report him report him report him report him omg i’m going to repeat this until I’m blue in the face.  This isn’t a case of “My teacher was sort of rude to me.” This is blatant discrimination, and hateful language in a school environment.  He is a teacher, and his job is to provide a safe and accessible environment for all of his students. 

I can understand why you didn’t say anything when it happened, it’s scary to try and stand up to authority figures, so don’t feel bad about that.  You need to take that to your administrators though.  If your school is progressive enough to have a GSA, they sound like they would be understanding about this.  I’m so sorry you had to hear this sort of shit.  

If all of this fails just tell me where he is and i’ll head over there and shove a math book up his ass

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So I was just reading a manga (Welcome to the ballroom) where the main character does the same slick back hair motion that Yuri does and as I was falling asleep I realized it's familiar to me from Grease and Danny Zuko aka John Travolta. So is Victor telling the story as Sandy and how he met this hot guy at the Sochi Banquet? or is Victor Danny and bragging about how far he got with Yuri (in his imagination)

i wish with all my heart I could answer this ask with the love it deserves but the fact of the matter is I can’t think about Grease without screaming in frothing rage 

Ye gods, this Women Against Feminism thing. Bitches, we couldn’t even get credit cards in our names until 1974. NINETEEN SEVENTY FOUR. That’s forty years ago. I have dust bunnies in my apartment older than that. I’m glad your husband can lift giant flaming boxes of knives for you in a manly fashion or whatever it was you said negated your need for equality, but if you’re spitting in the faces of the women who came before you and tried to make the world a less hateful place for you while you have a credit card or a loan in your name then I hope that giant flaming box falls on your head. Good day. 

*comes back to Tumblr to slowly start trying to recover from fragile emotional/mental state and be social again*

Hey guys what’s-

*sees Magneto has now been made into a Hydra agent*

… you know what fuck it I’m just blocking anything Marvel now.


It’s my new #5ThingswithChase for the @nydailynews— I talk 5 underrated movies you check out instead of wasting your money at the movie theatre this summer. 

Jokey Jammer, happy Kaner and smiley Tazer at the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2013 Stanley Cup Rally

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I'm curious, tell me more about your hatred for online psychology quizzes?

I have a general loathing of pseudoscience, and psychology was my area of study in grad school, and the pop psychology that forms the content of online quizzes about personality types and ‘sociopath tests’ that clearly display why people you don’t like are mentally ill hits all of my rage buttons.

To start there’s my sworrn enemy the Myers-Briggs, which is its own bundle of moneytaking BS that you can read about in more depth here. A lot of other online personality surveys have the same problem. They’re about as useful as your astrological sign because their results are so vague that you can see yourself in every catagory, but they come cloaked in the veneer of science. People assume they actually mean something. 

It’s like if people thought that quiz that tells you what kind of dragon you are was a useful tool in determining what career you should go into. It’s bullshit and it makes actual psychology look stupid by association.