happy 9th anniversary to the boys who light up the k-pop scene as well as all of our hearts! we hope your days are filled with nothing but happiness and wish for at least another 9 more years filled with your light. shawols, blingers, lockets, taemints, mvps and flamers all love these 5 superstars.


HELLO! i’ve met some people who have wanted to stan shinee, and asked for information on them, so i decided to make this huge post for anyone who wants to know more about shinee and/or potentially stan!!! all are welcome!!!

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“Why you always try and give minho talents he aint got?”

Someone reblogged this post of mine and put this in the tags.


I’ll show you what his talents are, hun.


Just because someone isn’t given the most singing parts doesn’t mean he can’t sing. Want some proof? Watch this so that you can be educated.

  • Minho singing Kyuhyun’s song. Btw, he is also a host here just so you know.
  • SHINee - Something That I Love Cover (with Minho’s high note)
  • Selene 6.23 MINHO focus
  • (Sleepless Night/無法離開) MINHO ver.


SHINee’s main rapper is Choi Minho. He is also the person in your tags. Here are some instances where he slayed.

  • dynamite 민호 minho ver. (he’s also doing some body rolls for the dance talent fyi)
  • Minho raps Beautiful
  • Breaking News in Tokyo Dome (Skip to 2:36)
  • [MR Removed] 150618 SHINee - Odd Eye


He’s very good in memorizing dance steps and is an expert in body rolls.

  • SHINee Comeback Showcase _ 상사병
  • Married To The Music (He just recovered from a foot injury but you can’t even notice it in his performane)
  • Picasso
  • SHINee World in Mexico



Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choi_Min-ho_(singer)#Lyric_writing




(Music Core presenters with dates)


Choi Minho is a very talented individual. He still has talents that he’s not showing us and he always want to improve himself to be better. He didn’t work his butt off since 2006 just for people to accuse him of having no talent. I don’t know how you ended up with that conclusion but I have something to tell you. Before you bad mouth someone, make sure of your facts because those insults might just backfire on you.

If Choi Minho is “talentless”, you don’t really know what talent means.

@tuuzmorado Wanna add something?


“Competitive Spirit Minho’‘ …Flaming Minho’s Flaming competitiveness 

cr: MyFP MnYul



I will admit something that I hope flamers will forgive me for. I didn’t like him before. I thought he was just a visual- good-looking and a man with a great body. That was it. Then he proved me so so so so so wrong that until now I still regret not being a flamer at the beginning.

I see it clearly now: HE IS THE HEART OF SHINEE. He loves his members to death and is the biggest MVP, BLINGER, LIL FREAK and TAEMINT. A genuine heart who just wants what is best for Shinee and Shinee World and truly asks nothing in return!

So for all you loyal Flamers, here’s your loot:
- Minho Odd Fan
- Shinee/Minho Pin Button
- Married to the Music CD with Minho Photocard and poster

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So, past months, I’ve switched from League of Legends to Heroes of the Storm, and I’ve been asked multiple times why. My main reason is the community, but I’ll explain a little bit of both games.

League of Legends VS Heroes of the Storm

  1. League of legends has a bigger champion selection in comparison to Heroes of the Storm(Currently: LoL:136 HoS:68)

  2. Assigned Classes:
    Tank, Fighter, Slayer, Mage, Controller, Marksman
    HotS: Assassin, Warrior, Support, Specialist

  3. In Heroes of the Storm there’s no such thing as “broken Champs”.

  4. Laning:
    LoL:Top, Jungle, Mid and Bot(Bot is always Controller and Marksman)
    HotS:Top and Bot are Standard, In most Maps there is Mid too, there is no Jungle.

  5. Playstyle:
    Just smash everything in your way, get dragons, don’t solo, farm. Players mostly depend on themselves to grow strong, and shop for items to get more agressive, defensive or supportive. Each Level equals a skill upgrade. Main Goal: Destroy the Nexus.
    HotS: Every map has tasks, if you’re not going to play as a Team, the chances you are going to win are really low, since you need your whole team for the tasks,in most occasions. XP is shared, you don’t need to be the one to kill the enemy,XP is shared anyway, both from farming and kills. Farming does not need last hits, even if you just stand next to them when they die you get XP, though I would not suggest that. There’s no shop, no items. Instead of items, you use talents. Talents can be skill, upgrades, shields, teleports, skill enhancers, cooldowns, pretty much everything, depending on champion. You get to pick talents up to 7 times in the game. Pick them strategically, depending on your enemies and their talent choises. Main Goal: Destroy the Nexus (There’s not only one way.) You can use camps to help you fight your cause.

  6. Battlefields in Ranked:
    LoL: 1
    Hots: 13
    (Each has different tasks, pick heroes, strategically)

  7. Community:
    LoL: Personally, I think League has the most unhealthy community. It’s a rare occasion not to come across a flamer. If you decide to just mute them all and enjoy the game, there’s high chance you’ll notice people dying in the middle of the battlefield, just because some player was typing an angry text to another. There’s also excess trolling and intentional feeding.
    Hots: Community
    is really nice most times, XP is shared so there’s no such thing as “You m&!@*&f*&^^r stole my kill I’m gonna troll”. Most of times chat is full of strategic advices, like ex1: Let’s take this camp. or ex2: You should go for task, I’m going to keep them away.

  8. Game Rewarding System & Gifts.
    I am not one of those people who spend money on skins, boosts etc. It’s not that I don’t like them, I only think it is not worth it. I’d better buy a whole new game. So this is a really important factor to me.
    LoL and Hots: In game Currency & XP for Champions & your Account.
    In Heroes of the Storm Chanpion XP is really important. You can level up to 20 times a hero in total. Each time you level up you are gifted a Loot Box. Loot Boxes contain: Champions, Champion Skins, Mounts, Voice Lines, Announcers, Banners, Sprays, Emojis, Portraits, Stimpacks, Shards and Gems (These are in Game currency you have to buy with real money to get). Each Lootbox contains 4 mystery items that can be anything from the above. If you’re not happy with what you get the first time you can change the Loot Box with another one for in game currency, you get from playing the game. Loot Boxes can be Regular, Rare, Epic and Veteran. The greater the Loot Box the greater the gifts. Skins are not rare at all, even new and expensive ones. Even if you’ve leveled up all Champions to maximum, there are new champions coming very often, and there are also special events & brawl modes(each week) that give you Loot boxes.
    In League of Legends you get one Hextech Chest each week, but you have to win it over (Your Performance has to be of an S-, S or S+ ). In order to open it you need to get 3 Hextech key shards and combine them to make a key. Hextech Chests can stack up to 4, if you don’t get to open them in time. Hextech Chests give you Champion Essence, Cosmetic Essence, Champion Shard(which you can buy with Champion Essence), Skin Shard(which you can buy with Cosmetic Essence). If you don’t want the Skin or Champion Shard you can descend them into the Essence of their category. Skin and Champ Shards may need more or less Essence than others depending on their price or rarity.

    Hope this was helpful to anyone interested. This are just the basics in my opinion and not the whole games in depth. There are more features in both games. 
    Hope you have a great day♥