I never made a little drawing so here it is! There for the next 3 days C: Got some sticker sheets available, the bubble tea mug, cute bags and posters and charms as well as some other things! I’ll be taking up to 4-5 commissions daily-full ink + colour for $25 for single characters! 

Also as I often do– SECRET PASSWORD! For the first 5 people to come tell me the password I’ll be giving away either a free Nitori sticker sheet or your choice of any of my postcard sized prints!! The password is…  bananasnake

Even if you can’t buy just come say hi! It means a lot to us ! 


Look at this adorable oofuri inspired samflam art vythefirst drew at the AX 2015 Samurai Flamenco meet! And then a pic of what was left of us when we actually remembered to take a picture, oops. It was a lot of fun, thank you vy and plaid for hosting/organizing and thank you everyone who came! SamFlam love lives on! Hero will never give up, never hide, never be defeated and never accept evil!

Omg :3 So I went to yoga today. I put a raspberry lip tint on for the occasion (because I am just the most ridiculous person ever) and I got to tell my teacher about my quest and showed him the photos of my fire watch and he was really into it! And then I noticed he had shaved, so I could actually see his face. He’s actually quite handsome. He invited me to some sweat lodges that apparently happen around LA and in exchange I invited him to come to my flamenco class :P SO. Lol. And there were moments in class where we would make eye contact and I would start smiling/laughing so then he would smile/laugh and then he had to move away from standing directly in front of me while teaching cause he kept getting distracted. Such playful energy. Just going with it. No expectations! Just joy!

AND. I noticed!! Today’s class was rather large so it was easy to kind of sneak out unnoticed, but as I was about to leave I thought “Eh, maybe I should go say bye” so I turn around and he’s in the middle of talking to someone but he was watching to see if I’d turn around! I mean, that might just have been because he wanted to give me the sweat lodge info but STILL. IT WAS CUTE OK. 

imagine in the in-universe official samurai flamenco game there’s a side quest where you have to rescue the flamenco girls and when mari unlocks it she gets so mad she flings her controller and starts trying to call the game developers to yell at them bc any one of them could kick masayoshi’s skinny ass and mizuki has to restrain her

there’s like a fanmade fetish flash game with the flamenco girls which mari thinks is hilarious and she keeps commenting on it with suggestions for improvement and critiquing the characterization of what few lines there are and the guy who made it is like “ok calm down whoever you are, I’m flamenco diamond’s biggest fan” and mari is like “I’M her biggest fan” and moe looks over her shoulder and is like “mari-san…. I’m your biggest fan”