•Jake:Robin (Tim Drake)
•Marshall Lee: Joker
•Loose Goose: The Penguin
•Prince Gumball: The Riddler
•Princess Bubblegum: The female scientist that Enigma was in love with? Omg I totally forgot her name! >-<
•BMO: Bain ^•~•^
•Susan Strong: Black Mask
•LemonGrab: Two Face
•Lord Ranicorn/Mono: Henchmen for Joker and Harley
•Ice King: Alfred (My spirit animal)

Fiolee=Joker and Harley doooeeee

Omfg I need to be a director


#Cosplayers @LadyIntegral and Flame-R as #HarleyQuinn and #PoisonIvy. #cosplay #cartoons #batman

LadyIntegral (Harley Quinn)
Flame-R (Poison Ivy)


Photo by Kseniya Luchkova.

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