Adventures with gckaf!

I absolutely loved friend gckaf’s big beautiful sword! I fit perfectly under the shiny blade, and the ornate hilt is just the right size for me to balance on. I also tried to squeeze under the hilt, too—and impressed everyone when I actually lifted the heavy hilt a tiny bit! I am getting super strong!

Ceremonial flail

This flail was part of funerary equipment for Hapi ankhtifi. It is a symbol for the funerary god Osiris, later it became a symbol for secular power. It is made from wood, carnelian and faience beads and gold leaf. It is 53 cm long (20 7/8 inch.). 

Egyptian Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty, 1981 - 1802 BC. 

Found at Meir,  Middle Egypt, in the tomb of Hapi Ankhtifi. 

Source: Metropolitan Museum