Five for Friday

What does this chair, designed by Hans Wegner, have to do with John F. Kennedy? Read the story on our blog

[Hans Wegner. Armchair. 1949. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]

Five for Friday
  • This evening we have a bunch of friends coming over to hang out. My sister is coming down to do backyard camping with Minky tonight so we’re all going to have a little mini “campfire” (aka. firepit) cookout with some hotdogs and corn and then s’mores. Should be pretty fun.
  • The weather today is sunny mid-70′s perfection, so that’s a super added bonus.
  • Got word that I made it into a final round of interviews for a position I applied to. Quickly working to get some childcare logistics lined up, but hoping this may be the end to my job searching (fingers crossed!).
  • Getting ready to do that Facebook coming out thing today. 
  • Time to run some last errands and then it’s cleaning/prep time for this evening’s fun!
  1. I’m going to a glow party tomorrow. Hotel takeover. Naked indoor pool. Beer pong. I might be a little excited.
  2. I am far too needy for any one person to give me the attention and affection I deserve. If I feel like I am being back burnered I walk away and never come around again.
  3. I painted my nails neon pink and now every time I look at my toes or my fingers I feel like it’s summer.
  4. I am gassy as fuck.
  5. Something is going on with me. Maybe it’s my blood pressure or my kidneys or my sugar levels but something is off and it’s scaring me senseless.