Five Twenty Ten

Happy Non-Binary Day

I see you out there being your unique and beautiful selves and I’m so proud. And I can’t wait to see how you’re doing as NB in five years, ten years, twenty.

Because it’s NOT a phase. It’s YOU. You gorgeous thing!

I’m a 37-year-old NB and, despite coming to the term more recently than many of you, I recognize I’ve fit the description as long as I can remember. It’s a real thing. A way of being.

Don’t listen to any voices that say it’s just a phase, or that you have to grow out of it to be a grownup. That’s a lie. You have a stunning future as an NB. Full of love, work, adventures, all from our unique NB perspectives. Everyone makes compromises, but the more of us doing “adulthood” as NB’s, the fewer compromises there will be, and the faster society will change.

There are more of us than we think. Let’s celebrate being non-binary today, and dream up ways to be awesomely NB into our future. That’s our birthright too.

listen. i was going to make a post saying something along the lines of, “i’m so excited for the stories that this generation of young lgbt creatives are going to share with the world.” because i am. i have so much faith that in five, ten, twenty years, we’ll have a bevy of excellent lgbt authors, screenwriters, directors, and artists bringing us the stories we’ve been so hungry for.

but as soon as that thought occurred to me, another one followed in its wake: there are so many brilliant, creative, talented lgbt young people who didn’t live to see their 20th birthdays, let alone share their boundless imaginations with us. and that’s on lawmakers, and it’s on priests, and it’s also, irrefutably, on artists who see queer pain as something to be exploited for ratings and acclaim. 

lgbt teenagers are dealing with devastating, backbreaking hardships, every one of them, every single day. don’t add to their pain. don’t be a snowball in this avalanche. show them that happiness is possible. stop killing their role models.