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kalopsia - queens of the stone age

million dollar man - lana del rey

quiero bailar swing - electronic swing orchestra

cigarello - the fratellis

forest - twenty one pilots

when you were young - the killers

odds are - barenaked ladies

out of my league - fitz and the tantrums

dirty harry - the gorillaz

unstoppable - mystery skulls

uh fuck idk half the ppl i follow personally um

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yea thats good

anonymous asked:

hiiii cat ☺️ I was having trouble sleeping and so I started thinking about ab and pp and I'm feeling sentimental and I just want to say thank you so so much for having written both of their stories. I'm sorry people kept stealing your work and not listening to you :/ I honestly do appreciate everything those two stories have done for me. I was going through a bad time when I was reading them and I just want to thank you for the little recluse you built for me at the time (cont.)

you inspired me to write and you really did help me feel better. I love Fitz and Harry with all my heart and I cannot see any sandwich shop the same way ever again. with much due respect, I love you, cat and thank you for sharing your creative genius with us at the time 

Hiiiiii pal. This is a really sweet message. No thanks needed, as always! And that’s okay, really. Plagiarism was an unfortunate part of my experience, but it was a very small part that was certainly negated by the overwhelming positives. I feel happy and warm inside knowing that AB and PP could be a refuge for you when you needed one. They were/are for me, too, and I’m touched that it translated to a reader as well. Thanks for being kind and for sending this. Much love.

I hope Harry & Fitz helped you get to sleep :) 

Audioreading: a how-to guide

Audioreading: a how-to guide

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This is a tricky issue, because people always wonder how I can listen to audiobooks; they seem to think it is unnatural, stupid, waste of time and time, not to mention not reading. I, personally, love audiobooks and really wonder how come I didn’t “catch the bug” sooner.

I really believe that we need to educate ourselves before becoming audio-readers. My first experience was a bit weird. Someone…

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