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Amongst all the tears, I adored Jemma’s little grunt after LMD!Fitz said “Well I was afraid to (ask Jemma about marriage), I mean I thought I knew your answer but you can never be 100% about these things.” 

It was like a “ugh, Fitz”/how could he doubt my answer, doubt me, the big genius idiot contained in a tiny painful/exasperated laugh/grunt. Jemma Simmons, I adore you and you will get your happy ending.

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This S2 gem was taken after I came back to my office having left Iain alone for 5 min & found him at my desk 🐒#BTS #agentsofshield

  • Darcy: I'm gonna go after her.
  • Georgiana: Yeah you are!!
  • Fitzwilliam: This is so cool!
  • Bingley: I have no idea what's going on but I am excited!!
The same angry cold twisted and churned inside me, building to an unbearable pressure. They had no right to do this to me. I had not been born to be their tool. I had a right to live my life freely, to be who I was born to be. Did they think they could bend me to their will, use me however they would, and I would never retaliate? No. A time would come. My time would come.

Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb.

What does this paragraph sound like? It doesn’t sound like the hero’s narrative, does it… it sounds like a villain’s origin story, almost. That’s where you’d expect to find it. And it isn’t; it belongs to the hero, who will always remain loyal to the “they” he refers to.

I find this so interesting because that’s Fitz’s driving, normally unspoken force, isn’t it? It’s the fundamental thing that disjoints him from Kettricken and Verity and Dutiful and Burrich almost everyone else. Kettricken, Verity and Dutiful were all raised with not just the expectations of their rank, but also the privileges and supports; Burrich considers his life at Buckkeep a vast improvement on his childhood, and gave his loyalty to Chivalry as a much older person. So none of them entirely understand why Fitz is so “difficult”, so resistant to almost everything. 

He’s torn - he’s a good person, he cares about his family and his people, he wants to help them. But he also has an impressively strong understanding of morality, and he knows what is being done to him is wrong. Except if he breaks out of it, he harms people. So he suppresses that inner, moral voice; he doesn’t feel that he has another option. Every time he tries to break away he is (often forceably) dragged back in.

And the rest of the family wonders why he’s like this and never truly understands.

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