elfin-world  asked:

Do you have workouts for female characters? I love all your workout vids and I do them myself but I would love more females ones.

Female workouts?

Like these ;-)

But for the record All of my Tough like the Toonz are UNISEX so ladies have fun ;)

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to be tough on yourself and when to be kind. 

Taking care of yourself can sometimes mean pushing yourself. 

But taking care of yourself can also mean being kind and gentle with yourself. 

Finding that balance can be really difficult, and it’s okay if it’s something you’re still struggling with!

One of the most annoying parts of losing weight as a girl

Is periods. You get bloated and your weight goes up for a week or so every month. You know you didn’t put in fat that quick, but it’s so frustrating to see the number get higher on the scale :/

~ Weekend Reminder ~

You can’t gain 3 pounds of FAT in 1 weekend. It is NOT scientifically possible. Please, do not freak out on your Monday morning weigh-in. Stop letting the scale control your mental health.

Have a great Friday. Have a few drinks. Eat some pizza. Cuddle. Love. Live a little! Weight Loss isn’t bootcamp!