Have you been doing the training program or meal plan over and over again, and not seeing results. Well, mix it the fuck and try something new!

Go do CrossFit, start a strongman program, grab some kettlebells and do swings until your arms fall off, or run further than you have before. Don’t just carry on with the same routine day after day, month after month, year after year.

You owe yourself this much, not shuffle through life without seeing how far your can push yourself.

“Make our tribe stronger”

For Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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☀ 68F


6-8 hours of sleep 👍🏻  
128+ oz Water 👍🏻
Meal Plan 👍🏻
Sunscreen 👍🏻
10,000-15,000 Steps 👍🏻
Lay Out Clothes 👍🏻
Make Bed 👍🏻

Yesterday was a little interesting for once. I did my usual “blah, blah, blah” activities like therapy and studying (got a 98% on my hematology section–whoop, whoop) but we actually went to go see a house last night. Our friend got a new job in California; thus, is leaving his house and wanted to see if we’d like it. He said it would be an ease of mind if a friend would buy it, now granted–you don’t buy a house as a favor–DUH. We thought we’d go look at it anyway, as we’re in the market to ditch apartment living by the time our lease is up and if the house is right, why not?

What’s interesting about our friend’s offer is he’d be offering it to us about $30-40K below its actual market value as it was offered to him at that price because he’s a veteran and he doesn’t want to make a profit–he just wants it off his mind when he’s a coast away.

It’s a ranch style home built in the 60s. There is nothing glaringly wrong with it as there have been plenty of updates over the decades, but there are some definite pros and cons.

+  lower monthly payment with a mortgage (especially if we put 20% down)
+ good size, cozy feel (bigger than the apartment, but not so big that our utilities would explode)
+ one story (due to my vertigo and syncope problems I see this as a plus)
+ very cool finished basement with a pool table, bar, and space for a home gym and game room
+ very close to Nick’s work (less than a mile, save $$$ on gas)
+ fairly good neighborhood, only a few blocks away from the police station should anything unthinkable happen
+ close to a Meijer
+ nice backyard that I could plant a garden in once I till and lime the clay
+ buying well below market value
+ starter home we could make our own
+ workshop for Nick’s electrical engineering stuff
+ hot tub
+ some modern amenities like CO detectors, wireless/phone controlled thermostats, security, and toilet bidets
+ two car garage

- it does need work: appliances are pretty terrible, walls need to be repainted, some of the floorings are just sort of ugly, some of the trim needs to be redone, a professional deep clean through the entire house needs to be done, there’s this weird pipe in the basement that needs to be somehow put below ground so we don’t trip and die
- we need to do some pretty significant furnishing
- home ownership is a big unknown: will we lose money, will we get “trapped”? (any house)
- hidden expenses, liability for maintenance, taxes (any house)
-no idea how convenient the location would be for me once I have my final work placements
- need a privacy fence as apparently, the back neighbor is the only one who is not chill as fuck

There are fewer cons, but they’re pretty big cons. The offer is quite a bit below our budget, so the money we were willing to spend could effectively be used to really create our own space and essentially flip this house. It’s not in any way janky and unlivable, but it needs more modernization and aesthetic detailing. What’s important is liking what you can’t change. Basically, the sort of situation this house would be is a barebones, blank canvas we’d have to slowly improve. We think we’re siding more on staying in the Detroit metro, so maybe a project home wouldn’t be such a disaster? It depends on whether we’d be OK with the growing pains and potential discoveries we weren’t expecting. Once I have a more ample income, we may be comfortable with the idea. The idea of really crafting a space is exciting to me, but dude–money, time, stress. Would it be more worth it to buy a little less sq. footage that’s already updated? That’s the question. It’s not like we have to decide tomorrow.


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…pretty sure I’m half arugula after yesterday.

What do you need in a house, Simone?

Small update on her allergies: She hasn’t reopened her butt boo-boo so far ever since we started giving her poultry again. She hasn’t made any new boo-boos. If the healing goes off without a hitch, then I suppose the higher powers have a sense of humor for creating a cat that is allergic to fish.


⚡️Leg Day⚡️
🔹1 Mile Run
Lunges 4x15 each leg 10#
Calf Raise 4x10 30#
Sumo Squats 4x15 20#
🔹1 Mile Run
Squat Jumps 4x15
Side Lunges 4x15 each leg 10#
Single Leg Hip Thrusts 4x10 each leg
🔹1 Mile Run
Step Ups 4x20 15# each leg
Deadlifts 4x5 50#
Squats 4x10 30#
🔹 1 Mile Run

Total: 4 miles ✔️

Day 4 Week 3

Today was leg day. I was so tired though. I left myself 9 hours for sleep and only slept about 5. No idea why but I really need sleep. Anyway, leg day was good. I’m still feeling it. I didn’t do leg day for the past two weeks. And I can feel it. Oh how I can feel it. And I need to use the stairs to get to my room. Hopefully my legs work better tomorrow. Tomorrow i’m up at 4:30am for my workout at 5:15. I like not having to workout after work. Work drains me. 

Sometimes, you eat healthy and workout. Sometimes you need pizza, beer and movie night. And thats ok. You need balance, but stay focused on your goals. Dont let your old habits ruin your future.