Rock Lee/Might Gai Workout | Naruto Tough Like The Toonz: EP 18

Today’s Tough like the Toonz we Train like Konoha’s Green and Blue Beast’s Epic training.  Also thank you @train-go for giving me the push to do this :)

Rock Lee and Might Gai The Hardest working Goofball Badass Shinobi of Naruto. 

This workout is gonna make you stronger than you’ve ever been but do you think you can handle it. Be sure to like and share with your friends it really helps the video a lot.
Do this workout 4 DAYS a week. For exercises marked Failure do a MINIMUM of 50 reps, it doesnt matter how long it takes just get fifty to the best of your ability this workout maybe longer or shorter depending on your fitness level and also be sure to improve and beat your records everytime you do it. BE Stronger than yesterday!! 


Body. Appreciation. 

Currently I am drinking my second 22oz. beer and I don’t even care. I ate great today and hit my 10k steps and I just wanted to enjoy my night. I finally got dressed at 6pm to go to a corn maze with some friends and I am just so thankful for the people I have met here in Colorado. I am in a really good place. I am finally making an income that allows me to pay off debt versus go in debt, I am happy with myself, and I feel like I am making a positive impact on my students. Or at least I am trying. 

These jeans are a size 8 and I kept needing to pull them up tonight. That’s insane. Then on Monday I will start training for a January half marathon. Did I tell you guys that? Well, cats out of the bag. I haven’t registered yet as I am hoping my family will make that their Christmas present, but I am editing two plans that I will follow: A running plan and a meal plan. I might 100% regret running a half marathon in January, but let’s just hope it’s nice out that day. 

I want to reach my ultimate goal weight of 169, but right now I will just be happy with being happy. If I can train and eat well most of the time, I will be content with that. Finding balance is something I have always worked on and I feel like I am finally almost there. Things are okay. 

Marathon training week 15 workout 7: 20 mile long run.

Boom! It’s taper time y'all!!!!

I did an out and back and the way out was uphill into insane wind and the way back was downhill and with the wind which meant big negative splits and my last mile was my fastest at 8:54!! And I saw beautiful fall colors and zombies and @malloryrunsthis so overall it was a really good run. MUCH better than I expected.

Feeling good right now!

Trying to be body positive is hard sometimes. I’ve spend my whole life thinking beautiful was being skinny. I’ve lost over 120 pounds, but still have some much to go. I’ve hated my body for a long time, but now I’m learning to love myself. I don’t have a goal weight besides becoming the healthiest version of myself. It’s okay if your learning to love yourself. Not everyone wakes up and automatically and falls in love with who they are. There are days I still hate my body and want to give up and binge eat. I’m learning to love the body I have. I treated my body bad for years. Now I’m focusing on me and making myself healthy. Just wanna say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t let anyone determine your own uniqueness. ❤

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