I love and admire all my mutuals who run fitness blogs but at the same time I’m totally gonna remain a little bit chubby because it’s adorable on me and working out isn’t an option for a while

I deserve to be able to feel sexy - I don’t know what it is but it constantly feels like the only kind of fitness on tumblr id conventionally attractive super thin white girl fitness and that worries me because while I’m fine and know I’m gorgeous I worry that others who don’t fit into this category will feel discouraged from trying to live healthier lives because they’re not going to ever fit in that box that gets constantly held up as the gold standard on this website

and this is in no way a slight against those people, I know several of them, they’re dedicated and hard working individuals who want to share a genuinely healthy and positive thing with people and it’s beautiful. However it isn’t the only thing worth sharing, and if you look on any fitness blog it’s mostly what you’ll find

so please share and reblog photos of POCs and people with less conventional body types trying to become stronger and healthier

Embrace nontraditional nonwhite body types 2k16


cicokitty submitted: 

Height: 5ft
Weight: I don’t weigh myself. Clothes Size 18UK - Size 6/8 Uk.
How long: One year between these photos!
Strategy: 1200kcal daily calorie limit, eating healthy foods and as clean as I could manage. Increasing my activity slowly in ways I enjoyed at a pace comfortable to me - starting with a few walks a week and a little running, to weight and body strength with a bit more running!

—- View more & send Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.