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Formation of Antifa Federation in so-called U.S.

Today marks the masturbatory spectacle where tens of millions will stand in long lines, go into a curtained box, fill in some bubbles, and then feel like they did something material to stop tyranny. 

We don’t care if you vote or don’t vote, if you vote for the “lesser-evil” (a subtle admission that both are evil. all evil must be banished. those who aid evil are merely encouraging the spread of war, slavery, racism, etc.)

We are calling upon all to join us in the coming insurrection of insurrections. The revolution of revolutions. Wherever fascism, whether in the form of white mobs, police, prisons, or less obvious forms, raises its ugly head, smash it! Wherever tongues waggle in favor of fascism, rip them out!

Today we mock your highest of nationalistic holy days by announcing the formation of an antifascist federation in these United Snakes

Find friends and lovers, form self-defense groups or even train to be a lone fighter if you must. Collect weapons and learn martial arts. Study urban and rural tactics of asymmetrical war. Spy on fascist websites and forums and gather intel and share it with anti-fascist networks. Find friends in other cities to coordinate events and create mutual aid networks to support one another. Across the globe we already have many strong cells of antifa fighters ready to support true friends even if we haven’t met them yet. 

Already in the wake of several recent white supremacist and national socialist rallies, the most recent in Harrisburg, PA, the most violent in Sacramento, CA, we have seen the formation of several new large antifa groups.

We are calling upon everyone with an anti-fascist madness burning in their hearts to form cells and announce them in your area using social media or even better posting fliers about town. Of course make sure you exercise proper security culture, there are many police and fascists who would gladly infiltrate us. This is why most of our groups are informal, that is, most members only know one another through mutual friends. We don’t keep registers, have public meetings, etc. Most of these groups are composed of numerous cells and individuals who do their best to keep their connections hidden so if fascists and police infiltrate they can’t learn much about us and how we operate. 

Let us not be humble. We take the threat of fascism seriously, but we know with brave hearts and sure hands we can destroy them utterly. But we see the fascist scourge as only a deviant growth from the body of capitalism and the state. We see the fight against fascists as a dress rehearsal and good training opportunity for our increasingly daring attacks on the partisans of capital and the state.  

Let the nights be filled with our howls and caterwauls. Our teeth gnash and flash strikingly white in the darkness. Our blades sing out for the blood of fascists. Our hearts beat like battle drums.

Let us wage war on the fascists and on the capitalists and statists. The supermoon of November is an auspicious sign from the heavens that the time for revolution, insurrection, dionysian riot is at high tide!

We strike killing blows against the fascists, the capitalists, the state with one fist

We build a liberated new world in which many worlds fit with our other hand

Death to the fascists! Life to the good and varied creatures of our earth!

-Antifascist Federation Against the United Snakes

black flag cell, black cat cell, john brown cell, lucy parsons cell, red witches cell, fire-worshippers cell, green serpent cell, flood cell, sacco and vanzetti brigade, red fern cell, feral cat cell, street rat cell, alley cat cell, destroying angels cell, wild roots cell, oakheart cell, screaming banshees cell, fistful of dynamite cell, blackfox cell

may many more endorse our call and rattle their war weapons and scream their battle calls across this settler colony of united snakes

(this declaration was given to be by a trusted source. i added the image at the end. the publisher does not know of who else is behind it and has no clue as to who makes up the various endorsing cells. even if it is merely the work of one person or a few we still whole-heartedly endorse the call for the creation of such an informal federation of antifascist groups, cells, and individuals)

@antifainternational @antifascistaction and any others want to spread the word or weigh in if they have any further words?