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Power of Mabel Week Day 1: I Trust You

(or, in this case, I Didn’t Trust You)

okay so I’m kinda gonna ramble here so let’s just dive right in- for the first day of the Power of Mabel week the theme is trust, and I decided to go with Mabel’s lack of trust she put in her brother during NWHS. but instead of making it an angst fest, I decided that Dipper would be okay with the fact that Mabel chose to trust Stan’s word over his, because her choice led to the Pines family being reunited with Ford!! what really needed to happen tho was a heart-to-heart sibling talk about this, because I feel that Dipper would be a little upset that Mabel chose to trust Stan over her brother, but in the end since everything worked out for the better Dipper would be happy that Mabel didn’t listen to him!


This is the tentative title track of my new album, “If Baby Could Walk”, that will be released in the spring of 2012. 

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Hey! Love the blog! Just a quick question! Any recs for FanFics where Eren tops? And is like possessive and protective of Levi?

ooh alrighty. i can really only think of these few for different reasons, which i’m putting below the cut with short explanations and the summaries. o:

- Eren

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salt asks. not accepting.

♥ What’s the WORST thing that has happened to you rp wise?

meeting jess hahahaha that was funny lets hope she doesnt see that.              for real, it was probably when (and this was years back) someone told me they refused to write with me bc my blog theme was too ugly and they didnt wanna ruin their blog with bad formatting?????????????? and i dont see??????????? why thats an issue??????????????? if its good writing but ok whatever u do u if u wanna care more about aesthetic then feel free

✧ Do you agree with reblog karma or is it forced interaction?

i mean it can be??? i wanna think the people who send me asks genuinely want to and not just bc they send it to make me feel better but i mean send something only if u want to/think it fits with our muses. otherwise i’d rather u didnt and save me the work bc i wont care since chances for interaction will always occur in the future

✿ What do you think about public call out posts?

hahhahahaahhahah they’re fun to watch that wasnt funny u should feel terrible for laughing. 

lmao ok but if they’re done before u even confront the mun ur calling out then please do everyone a favor and don’t waste our time with one. however, if the person you’re making the post for truly is the world’s biggest cancer then yes, go ahead and make one. it’s why i absolutely hate when other muns state in their rules “i dont want to see callout posts on my dash” etc. bc sometimes they’re completely necessary and to completely ignore them is just ???? lmao no we’re not going to let these clowns get away with it unlike u idiots 

its just so stupid drama is bound to happen when u have this many people on a website not you or anyone else is able to completely stop yourself from seeing it, it’s human nature.

☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

ohhhhhhhhhhhh wow this question thank u for asking. 

this stupid aesthetics thing where the text is literally like too small. have people become this inconsiderate to the point where they cant even remember that there are people on this website who genuinely suffer from conditions like dyslexia or are even legally blind?? this aesthetics thing is such a huge overkill especially with the tiny container themes and the ones moved to literally one side of the screen like u have to be such a piece of trash not to realize that some people aren’t able to read that??? and the fact u know this and u dont change it?? (”cala ur such a hypocrite i cant read ur container stuff either” BUT U KNOW WHAT AT LEAST U KNOW ITS THERE FOR RE AL IM SO SICK OF THIS…… WHY A RE WE ALLOWIN G G IT,,)

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I thought Outgoing Fist was voiced by Ian JQ? I could be wrong, or it could be another character, but he sounded a bit like Radicles to me (Lakewood Plaza Turbo) who's voiced by Ian JQ.

naw, its Zach Callison. He’s credited as “Lonely Blade Game” and Outgoing Fist sounds very much like Zach

I think you’re actually referring to the announcer of the game, rather than Outgoing Fist, though, because the announcer does sound like Radicles. There’s no other credit for the game other than Zach, though, so I’m unsure who voiced it (I kind of assume its Chris Jai Alex, the guy who voices Lonely Blade, but it could be Ian)

❉♕ ┊ROSS

Infamous yet stupid, Atlas had ordered the Minotaur to stop but he only raged like the beast he was. When he raised his hand in preparation of injuring the boy, Atlas merely caught his hand with ease. “ I said WAIT, “ fingers enclosing on his fist. The sound of every bone in his hand had been crushed, the Minotaur only wailed in pain as he stumbled back “ You’re lucky I didn’t send you back to Tartarus to reform, “ a hard glare exchanged between the two as the beast only stood by. Reigning back as the titan wished, the dark brunette only turned to face the boy who held his shield. “ I’ve come for you, “ if it hadn’t been made clear yet, Atlas made so this instance. “ If you wish to exchanged places with the huntress and hold the world on your shoulders … I suggest you take no further action in harming my SON. “


He sat quietly atop the hill looking over the town. The wind blew through his hair as a sigh escaped his lips, turning the pages of the book he had read one hundred times over. As the book clapped closed, he leaned on the arm of the bench, resting his head on his closed fist, the sound of grass rustling under feet as he peered at the stranger through the corner of his eye.

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✺ anne marie no

Send a ✺ for my muse’s reaction to yours hitting mine out of anger 

She was but a tiny thing compared to him. Her small hands striking his armor, maybe trying to hurt him in some way. But all it did was make a plinking sound, barely perceptible to human ears, but amusing to his own enhanced senses.

His own hand moved like greased lightning, a huge hand big enough to engulf the torso of a full grown human male, wrapped around her tiny fist.

He started squeezing, the sound of bones bending under the slight pressure he added like a lovely jingle from a breeze tapping against chimes.

His red eyes seemed to bleed such malicious intent…borderline feral…all powerful.

“ You are not the first to strike me…”

His fist clenched, and he felt bones pulverize.

“ And you won’t be the last…”

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Could I get an aesthetic ship please. I'm a Slytherin and bisexual. I'm 5'5" curvy, with short dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I'm kinda awkward, blunt, and really shy at first, but once I get to know you I'm sweet, a bit rude and sarcastic, and caring.I don't really like crowds or loud places. I mostly just listen to troye sivan or chainsmokers and chill. I adore your writing

SHIP- Ginny Weasley


clenched fists

the sweet sound of quiet

tight hugs

plugging in headphones

quirky chuckles

the scent of old candles

flickering stars

the feeling of your bed after a long day

braiding hair

blushing out of your mind