Fistful of Sound

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*a red light envelopes his fist*"Sound knuckle!*the fist breaks the biosteel and turned it into dust*"Your a cocky bastard your brother necro told me your factory was tough but gave me some of his blood to break it.

*it begins to rebuild once more as blight sighs again* cocky no i just have technology beyond your understanding and to think you can actually dust bio steel *blight laughs*

Kerch: coins jangling their lovely chimes in purses, buskers playing reedy tunes over the crashing of waves against docks, gilded masks over faces to play pretend, footsteps flying over cobblestones, a fist shattering glass, the sharp sound of an auctioneer’s gavel, riddles whispered from keyholes, scrolls stamped with wax seals, sagging walls, roads dented with holes from falling roof tiles, dark red stains against the floorboards, the clopping of tired horses hooves against the cobblestones, drunken tunes sung to the velvet sky of midnight. 

Ravka: cuts on your arms that you can’t remember getting, the silence of a library when closed, golden domes rising from the earth, pressing your hand to your chest to hear the volcanoes roaring under your skin, peering at the dregs of tea and coffee, knives carefully hidden under tapestries, the rattle of a caravan in early dawn, arrows patiently waiting to be used in quivers, the shimmer of mirages, veils on the mirror, sharp compass needles lying on desks, a padlocked chest with a lost key, mysterious laughs snatched away by the air. 

Novyi Zem: secrets whispered to ears pressed against doors, small smiles exchanged as bartering tokens on the streets, dark wine bottles lined neatly under the cellar, vibrantly colored leaves crackling under footsteps, keys hanging safely under shirt collars, hand woven baskets left on doorsteps, little gifts left behind in tree hollows, history transforming to legends in hushed whispers near the fireplace, the swinging shade of palm trees near an oasis, anonymous messages left behind in the soles of shoes.

Shu Han: sharpening an ax on a whetstone, leather bound books piled on shelves, heavy set cloaks swirling in the wind, the gleam of a newly forged sword, blossom patterns embellished on stiff collars, stars twinkling in the gleams of gems, winding paths on mountain tops that twist away into the depths of the trees, flowers spun from glass, tower spirals leaving their dancing paths in the air, black ink maps that show secret passageways underneath cities. 

Fjerda: cool water drunk from an icy spring, silver trees gleaming like jewels under the sun, taut ropes strung across white sails, goosebumps down your neck, chewing mint leaves, cracking the frost off windowpanes, titanium chain mail against your neck, water droplets frozen in hair, young stags leaping into the woods, mist so heavy it catches on the edges of pine cones as dew, the snarl of a wolf as it pounces on its prey. 


Rifftrax: Fist of Fury (1972/2014)

“Fist of Fury! The 1972 Bruce Lee classic! Not to be confused with Fists of Fury, or Jackie Chan’s New Fists of Fury, or Fist of Fury II starring Bruce Li (who himself is not to be confused with Bruce Lee). Oh and also, Fist of Fury is known by a couple other names, The Chinese Connection and The Iron Hand, don’t let that confuse you either! Here’s a good way to keep all these movies straight: this is the one where a guy named Bruce takes on a bunch of corrupt bad guys and kicks everyone’s butt real good. There, that clears it up, right?

It’s a good old-fashioned Hong Kong revenge story. Bruce’s martial arts teacher is killed by members of a rival martial arts school (spoiler: Bruce roars “TEACHERRRR!” at the thundering heavens quite a bit when he hears about this) and, wouldn’t you know it, decides to undertake a one-man mission of vengeance, pitting his Chinese school against their Japanese enemies. It’s kinda like the “slobs vs. snobs” setup of Caddyshack, except with a lot less gopher dancing and a lot more deep ethnic animosity. Fun!

So tense your whole body, make some strange bird sounds, punch a guy to death while you’re not even looking at him, and join Mike, Kevin and Bill for Fist of Fury!”

Get it now from, where you can stream it instantly online or download it in a variety of handy-dandy formats. Personally I prefer to watch films the way the pioneers of cinema intended, gazing blankly at them on my mobile phone with heavy-lidded eyes while I lie on my side in bed with my free hand between my knees.

Julian thinking about fisting a table
  • Interviewer:So what inspires your music the most? For me it's probably the film first and poetry second.
  • Julian:Other than Coors Light commercials... when it comes to music, this is not a very interesting answer, but I'm probably going to say music. When it comes to life, in general, great speeches or books. Those are the kind of things that make me want to stomp on the table with a fist. Is there a way to say this with one word? Fist the table? that sounded terrible. That made me want to...
  • Interviewer:...fist the table?

The Telegraph letters page finally goes “The Full Partridge”.