Fistful of Sound

look……I’m just saying…..lovelace does pull ups at 2am and was…..a star basketball player…..and a captain in the air force……and is clearly buff af…..and I don’t see why she couldn’t have just…..punched jacobi and maxwell into submission when they had her and eiffel cornered…….just a thought…..just my onion……

sometimes the stars decide

summary: “Alright. Friday night?”

She pump-fisted him, adding an exploding sound as their hands separated. “It’s a DD.”

He gaped at her. “Come again?”

“A Double Date.”

(or that time ruby and killian looked for dates for each other just like phoebe and joey do in f.r.i.e.n.d.s., and we all know how that turns out…)

notes: for my precious traveling baguette @emmaofmisthaven who’s celebrating her birthday :DDDD i’m sorry for it not being a) the lost boys related b) an ef au, but i’m sure you’ll somehow make me write those on another day, you adorable little shit <333 have the greatest day babe!

also on ao3

“I’m tired of dating,” Ruby stated as she slipped down the couch until she was resting with her back to it and stuffing her mouth with popcorn. Killian rolled his eyes.

“Then don’t.”

He heard her shuffle against the carpet. “No, I meant - I’m tired of dating awful people, you know?”

“Was your last date that horrible?”

“He wouldn’t stop staring at my boobs through dinner. I mean, a girl enjoys being appreciated but that was going too far even for my standards.”

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“You slaughtered an innocent boy…only five years of age…dumped his body in the River Thames for his mum to find, and you have the balls to beg for ‘mercy’?” Jacob growled coming upon the Blighter he took months to track down and get revenge upon for the sake of Elizabeth and her deceased son.

With the man still cowering and pleading for his life, Jacob’s fists curled, the sound of leather stretching as he angrily did so. He couldn’t forget the times he had come back to her only to find the woman in tears, alone, and hardly as welcoming to Jacob as she once was. This single act a man had to outreach two Assassins made Jacob feel like he lost his own son, though Davis wasn’t his…and lost his wife, though Elizabeth wasn’t married to him.

Ejecting his hidden blade, Jacob reared his arm back and slashed downward without mercy as the blood splattered upon his features from the brutal act. “You and your lot will find no mercy from me,” he expressed through his clenched teeth.

Scene hasn’t happened, but the thought that it will made me cry… ;w; It’s going to get worse, since I already love Davis.

RP with @mother-dove

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Ja'far, masrur, and judar headcannons for their s/o blowing them a kiss.


  • Ja’far can’t help but smile at such a cute display of affection. He tucks the kiss in his robe for safe keeping, patting lightly over his heart. After a moment’s consideration, he blows a kiss back—his face flushed red.


  • Masrur stares blankly at his s/o for a moment before reaching out to catch their kiss. Once he’s ‘caught’ it, he doesn’t know what to do with it. He walks off with the kiss still in his extended, clenched fist.


  • Judar makes a face. Sounding almost repulsed, he asks why they wouldn’t just give him a ‘real’ kiss, never mind the fact that they were being sweet. He chases after them, pestering them for a ‘real’ kiss.

Gotta get my grind on these thangs. xoxo 

Plot: [Hello love I absolutely love your imagines 💙can i have one where your band is the opening act for tøp and you’re the singer and at your fist sound check the boys are watching and Josh has a crush on you ?thank you so much!]

You were strumming your ukulele by each chord, as you called out to your audio engineer from the stage to turn it up a little bit. You looked back at your band, talking amongst yourselves about where the levels needed to be at. Your hair was teased up into a high pony tail and your leather dress hugged your body, flaring out at the waist. You tapped your finger in the air three times, counting in the band, involving your whole body in the movement. You were opening up for twenty one pilots. You put your lips against the mic….

“Check Check,” you said. 

Josh and Tyler were standing by waiting for you to finish up with soundcheck, so they could run through a compressed version of their set. Josh was sitting on the side of the stage watching your rehearsal. His eyes were locked on the way your hands floated into the air when you sang, and how your hips swayed slightly. Tyler was somewhere out on the floor where the audience would be in about an hour, talking to their manager. You wrapped up singing through one of your songs, caressing the mic lightly with your painted red nails, looking down at your white heels as the song ended. A faint clap came from the curtains, it was Josh. The clapping snapped you out of your somber trance. 

“hey, J!” Thanks for the support, you laughed. 

“Yeah, of course Y/N. If you crush it that hard in soundcheck I can’t wait to see you kill it come show time,” he said walking up to you. 

You had been on tour with the boys for a few weeks, and became good friends with both Josh and Tyler. 

“Hey guys, go ahead and take five before we take the stage,” Josh said to the guys at the soundboard. The guys behind the sound booth dispersed to get water and such as you and Josh continued to chat. 

“Is that your new one?” he asked referring to the song you just sang. 

“Yeah, so hopefully it goes over well with the crowd.” 

“It definitely went over well with me,” Josh answered. 

He crossed his arms, hugging his own biceps, then instantly pulled his elbows back stretching his arms. 

“Gettin’ ready to bang up those drums bud?” you asked. 

“Heck yeah.” he said, “but first I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look and sound.”

“Thanks kiddo, I appreciate it.” 

“No, I’m serious.. you’re so beautiful and you don’t even have to try. And that voice..that angelic voice…” he continued on. 

“Wait Josh are you serious?” you asked confused. 

“Yeah, I’m serious Y/N. I’ve had a crush on you since the day you started touring with us. The first thing you said to me after we met was ‘even the darkness has arms’, and I was hooked. You were this mystery to me that I wanted nothing more but to solve, and when I realized I couldn’t figure you out i fell even harder” 

You glared at him, double checking that he was being serious, because the boys were constantly playing pranks on you. 

“And you mean that?…” you asked suspiciously. 

“Yes, I mean it. What do I have to do to get you to believe me?” Josh was getting a little flustered. 

“Spin around three times and hop on one leg,” you joked, “Okay, I believe you, I guess I was just shocked because I feel the same way about you.” 

“You do?” he asked, lifting his posture slightly. 

“Yeah of course, why else would you think I tried to get your number right away?” you asked. 

“I don’t know… for tour purposes.” 

“blind as a bat,” you shook your head laughing. 

“I think I’m supposed to kiss you now…” Josh bit his lip. 

“You know what… I think you are…” you smirked. 

You two stood on the stage, and just as both of your lips locked, lights from the back flooded both of your bodies. 

“You ready boys?” a voice echoed from the back. Josh’s lips remained on yours. 


Netero’s TRAINING Routine | Hunter X Hunter Tough Like The Toonz: EP 14

The Simplest ways are usually the Best ways to achieve Greatness. Netero of Hunter X Hunter is EASILY one of the most powerful characters in the entire series.

 Training Everyday for 10+ years until his fists were as fast as sound 

and while we have school and Day Jobs to keep us busy we can mirror some qualities to make ourselves stronger as well. Todays Tough like the Toonz gives you a Real life Netero Routine to get you shredded. 


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{{ Welp. I'm pretty sure we're getting the Champa DLC for Xenoverse 2 next week. Which means that we'll hear Vados and Champa's voice in english. What do you think they'll sound like? I bet Champa is gonna sound a bit like Raditz in a way. }}

|| There was a video I posted quite a while ago of a FAN-dubbed English version of their very first fist-to-cuffs. Champa actually sounded pretty decent, and very much Raditz-like. So you may be on to something.

I feel like if his voice sounds anything like that, we’ll be in good shape. I can’t wait to hear it, though! ||

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#sexQ&A has your bf ever fisted you

Okay we start out very great good morning no I have never been fisted and tbh it sounds like quite the stretch so I’d probably also avoid it 😂

dad says big girls don’t cry, so i learn how to make others cry. i become sharper, a weapon worthy of his arsenal.

i learn that big girls hurt in other ways as well. we drink too much, talk with our fists and make laugher sound like a vulgar thing. we break our own hearts and pretend we don’t care when someone else does.

we walk barefoot on glass but it’s alright. we can bleed to show we’re alive but we should always keep our feelings inside.

—  big girls don’t cry, s.g