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I recently created this 2 colour risograph print of a fishmongers in Fulham for The Loop. It’s part of an illustrated alphabet series, where a whole bunch of talented illustrators have related an animal to an area of London beginning with their chosen letter.

Head over to their website for more details and to see the rest of the series.

Thanks to Ellie and Claudia at The Loop!

ブリクストン ー アトランティック・ロード。『エル・エス・マッシュ・アンド・ソンス』魚屋。この店の魚は高いですけど、とても美味しくて新鮮です。

Brixton - Atlantic Road. “L S Mash & Sons” fishmongers. The fish sold here is expensive, but it is really fresh and delicious.

Hard Work Series #5

Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, Japan. A fishmonger slices flash-frozen tuna with an electric saw while his colleague tallies up the accounts for the day. Careful the blade!

Leica M8.2 with 35mm Summilux at 1/125s, ISO 320, aperture unknown

Waiting for Fish!

James Town

📷: Nana Osei - 2015

#Jamestown #accra #ghana #africa #fishing #market #marketwoman #fishmonger #baskets #boat #shores #sea #streetstyle #streetphotography #photography #visiterlafrique #dynamicafrica #everydayafrica (at Ga- James Town)

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fishmonger with a lot of posters by kazu saito


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SHE SLEEPS ALONGSIDE SORROW - Michael Garlington, Daughter of the Circus.

Garlington’s work is surreal, dark, and piercing, but there’s a sense of humor alongside the grotesque. This photo? The little girl curled up, the grinning monkey, the sad clown father? Astonishing. I find myself thinking of this image all the time. I want it to be a book cover of mine, really very badly. Failing that, I want it at least on my wall. 

The below is the first Garlington I saw, on the cover of Zyzzyva, maybe 10 years ago. I’m pretty smitten with this one too, but these days, I like the darker edges even more than this bear suit and beauty. (Though Exit Pursued By A Bear is very much the thing here, and that stage direction is tattooed on my thigh.)

External image

- Michael Garlington, The Fishmonger’s Daughter

Garlington has also photographed the extraordinary singer/Renaissance woman Jill Tracy. I knew there was a reason I kept staring at these portraits, and it was that I recognized the photographer. 

External image

- Michael Garlington, Jill Tracy.