I recently took BassCrack to the next level, Hard Baits! I have to give a shout out to all the sources that have helped me and made this process easier than the first time I tired it years ago.



3rd: (His instagram post of his custom lure really rekindled my desire to try again) 


What I Threw! 1000 Islands edition. 

Well it was tough. Really tough, look at all those lures. I gathered them, from the pile I accumulated, during our week long adventure in the 1000 Islands. I’m notorious for changing lures, a lot, and stashing them all over the boat. I have to say I kept this pile pretty neat, all in one spot. 

We arrived Saturday the 25th of June and stayed til the 2nd of July. The fished seemed to have been in a post spawn pattern. Scattered all over the place and not really willing to eat. All the spots we had marked from trips past, empty. Every last one of them. We tried shallow, we tried deep, and everything in between. We did catch a few nice ones, here and there, but it wasn’t the same as when they are in their summer pattern. The smallmouth pictured came off a unmarked shoal, in about 22 feet of water, he fell for a crosstail shad, drop shot with a 1/4ounce weight. 

We caught some largemouth in the evening on topwater, and piked up a couple pike here and there. The biggest lesson here is, you can’t always fish history. We’ve been to the Islands a few times in this same time frame, more often than not the spots we fished held fish. We should have adapted, but instead we tried to make our historical pattern work, and it didn’t. There is always next year.