CF screenplay
first things first...

The Savior saved, the heroes won. But that picket fence life, it still needs some mending. 

From the moment she decided to save him, that was it, it was her endgame and nothing else mattered. She would succeed. And she did, they all did. There was nothing in her plans beyond this moment, this breath, the two of them occupying the same space again without the weight of chaos. Well, not exactly. That nebulous future, the one first spoken of by him, and then her, that thing she had been desperate to live out with him, that’s what comes next.

At least she thought it was.

The walls of this house, the one he chose, are closing in around them where they stand, a mere two feet inside the door. Not literally, but with the tension thickening by the second, they might as well be. They’d had their passionate embrace in the Underworld, tear soaked and overwhelming, but it left them raw, wounds left open in desperate need of mending. Hating that small part of her that still aches to run, she digs in her heels, and drops his hand. They need to talk. His silent agreement comes in his slow walk to the sofa, his weary eyes imploring her to follow. She wants to run. She doesn’t. Not this time.

Never from him…never again.

It isn’t pretty. Its ugly tears, his, hers, theirs, spilled through anger and sadness, disappointment and regret. Fragile cracks widen, allowing the spilling of truths, spoken this time from a place of unwavering love instead of the encompassing darkness from whence they were first voiced. It’s that love, that indescribable connection that sees them through the other side of it. Yes, they have the magic now, or always had it, True Love, officially. But it isn’t that. It’s something stronger, which she knows is crazy, but she feels it.

It’s the way he’s believed in her from the first moment they met. And the way she felt a piece of her life fall into place when he challenged her on that damn beanstalk. It’s how he always stayed by her side, even when she was walking away from him at every turn. And it’s how he made himself better, because she never doubted that he could, and eventually he believed. It’s their friendship, a true partnership that has crossed realms, time, the living and the dead. They are unbreakable. The greatest evil, it tumbled them into darkness, but together, they reforged the light. That’s magic, to be sure. But it’s something else, something undefined, something that tells her that even if magic didn’t exist, that if they’d met in a seedy bar in Boston, he’d still be her forever, and she his.

Now, facing him on their couch, both of them all out of words, nothing really left to be said, she finally finds peace. The walls begin their retreat and the sun finds its way through the blinds, his beautiful eyes catching the warming rays as he takes her hands firmly in his. Her smile is short lived, but only due to the welcome strength of his kiss. There’s passion in this embrace, too, but it’s different. It’s happy, it’s uninhibited, it’s Middlemist flowers and pretty pink dresses, sweet pecks on the cheek and bundled together walks in the moonlight. It’s watching him bond with her son, and annoy her dad, and slowly win over the heart of her mother.

She’s put her trust in him, and he in her, and once again he was right. A future is nothing to be afraid of.