no but you know what i love? michael’s guitars and how used they look like here

like luke always has those brand new guitars and calum’s TWLOHA bass is from like three years ago but still looks like new but michael’s two guitars are so old and used and there’s something really punk rock about the way he just leaves it be okay i love michael


“My first guitar that I had when I first started playing guitar I broke fighting with my parents about, you know, whatever you fight about when you’re young. So I broke it and that guitar is now in the Hall of Fame. The fight was about not going to school or not being playing the role of the normal childhood. I slammed the guitar down, regretted instantly but when I joined the Chili Peppers I found it and I tought "I should take it to my new expert guitar repair man”. He fixed it and then I played it on “I’m With You”. When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thing came up they asked me if there was a guitar that they could hold onto and display, and I said “Sure, you can have that one”.“ [c]

Winter is horrible, but we’ll be fine, 

‘cuz we’ll face it together ‘til the end of the line. 

                                 - Bucky, Frozen in the Winters of our Past (x)

My Captain America Edits

The lyrics to Night Changes indicate to me that it was likely written for the boys’ little sisters, or from a paternal point of view for their future imagined children. I suspect someone threw a “baby” in there to make it more palatable for a love-crazed teenage audience.

The verses don’t make it sound like the person telling the story and singing the chorus is the romantic interest, as that appears to be the guy hiding behind a cigarette. The person is instead saying that they’ll love the girl no matter how many risks she takes, driving too fast, wearing clothes the mother doesn’t like, throwing away the innocence. To me it’s a “I’ll always be there, little sis”, or “you’ll always be my little girl” kind of love that’s communicated. The “I’m only getting older” line especially works if it’s from a paternal perspective.

I’m sure that this will be spun as a romantic song, but I just love the idea of the boys thinking about their little sisters and future children while writing this song, and it makes it feel even cozier and sweeter that way :)


In the same vein as what is the new black in fashion, what’s the new potato right now?

Aggressively trying something new every year. Last year it was learning guitar. I am still pretty bad at it, but I love it. (Jen for The New Potato)