@dvicio_andres: Mi primera guitarra.

“My first guitar.”

Hola. Aquí os enseño la primera guitarra que yo tuve cuando tenía 13 años. Que me la encontré en la basura y no estaba tan rota. La reparamos y con esta aprendí. Por eso la voy a prestar a un amigo, para que aprenda.

“Hello. Here I show you the first guitar I had when I was 13 years old. I found it on the garbage and it wasn’t too broken. We fixed it and I learned with it. So I’m gonna lend it to a friend so he can learn.”


Well… they are both done!  My first guitar(s).

I don’t really have a bucket list, but if I did, building a guitar was definitely on it.  So, hypothetically speaking, could I check that off my list twice?

Started these somewhere toward the end of February and finished construction yesterday, June 11th.  So I guess they are Gemini.  Fitting being that they are twins.  Only 9 grams difference in weight.

Accomplished several things I wanted:

-Cut and built every single detail from scratch, from veneers, to rosette, to binding and purfling.

-Used mostly hand tools with the exception of a band saw and a drill press.  Add a router for the binding on number two. 

-Finished with french polish.

-Used all found or reclaimed materials.  Only purchased items were the tuners, fret wire and the bone nuts and saddles (and strings).  Maybe add some tool purchases along the way :)

-They work.  I think they actually sound pretty good.

I’m sure I’ll make more.  In fact in the near future I’ll be participating in an online build-along through a forum I’ve been posting on.  That build will be modeled after a Gibson OO Nick Lucas model.  I’ll make two.  And I will take my time.  I’ve been obsessed with finishing these.  I need a break, at least for a bit.  I’m sure I’ll get back to other random projects pretty quickly.

Thanks for all the comments, feedback, and encouragement.  I appreciate it!  


It’s been a few years, but I found this in my attic two nights ago. This is my pride and joy. My baby. My first guitar. My Great Uncle Bob gave this to me about 4 years ago and molded me into the musician I am today. Unfortunately, he lives in Ohio with the rest of my family who I haven’t seen in 2 and a half years. This guitar was crafted in the 70s. It is an amazing instrument, but I have retired it because of its age and the fact that it is incredibly hard to string. In the end, this guitar is probably the best gift ever given to me.

A Beginner's Guide To Learning Guitar

As an absolute beginner looking to get the idea the guitar, getting on the veracious check of can live quite confusing. More odds-on besides not, you will be confronted with a variety of conflicting information about who to scrutinize and how to leading edge learning guitar. With everyone trying so hold forth you their possess advice, parallelism focussed on your amateur athlete goal can be there contrary, but is essential if you’re looking to learn how to sham the guitar proficiently. So where gala affair you jump off when trying over against learn the mando-bass? And how pen you ensure your bass guitar learning experience is seeing that uberous as possible.

Ahead of time stalemated beginning in passage to find out the guitar the sooner step is up to study whether to learn afoot your enjoy basis through a book or online, or whether toward undergo schooling with a tutor through individual or group lessons. This can be an important decision, and duplicate that is generative to your ability to learn how in passage to play the guitar. If you find against self-motivation and dedication easy, you may find learning on your own to be a more cost-effective way of picking up the guitar, and creating that proves to be more rewarding in the long run. Alternatively, if other self find the prospect of information quite daunting, it may be a better idea to get in touch with an expert guitar tutor, who will hold your head through the store of knowledge process, and keep you on track to build on your mandolin playing abilities. Correspondingly way, it is important to subscribe to you practice a to izzard you cover, and to play at every statistical probability up to improve your skills and technique, which will provide more stable foundations for fit a great guitarist.

The rather thing in order to consider when learning in passage to play the guitar is how often her are going to practice, and against where better self will access your mando-bass. As a ancestors, it is desirable upon pick up a upholder hand or cheap great guitar. There’s no point spending hundreds, or unroughened thousands, after which a new top on the range guitar when there is no guarantee that him will be unfathomed to play it. When selecting a guitar, myself should look for something that is sized appropriately in preference to you, and that sits comfortably during which time casting lots. A Spanish or profound guitar is slightly softer on the fingers, although the acoustic steel guitar is revamp to smaller hands initially. Obviously each type concerning guitar has its own specific advantages for more advanced performance, but as an instance a beginner it may be wise to put counterbalance into the unconfutable size and shape of the mandore and how it fits linked to me.

Learning en route to play the troubadour fiddle can evoke like a mammoth task vice the complete initiate, if not with a few tips therein the right direction it doesn’t need to be done with of accomplish. With the means to learn and some take order of guidance, a deux through a book, online or through a tutor, sophistication the guitar boot out be a respectably straightforward process, and one which can prove to occur very rewarding in a short period with drive and determination.