A telepathic villain confronts the Fantastic Four with their worst fears. For Ben, it’s being a monster; for Sue, it’s the deaths of the other three; for Reed, it’s losing his connection with Sue; and for Johnny, it’s isolation. “So completely afraid of being utterly alone. (…) Faced with nothing but yourself, you crumble.” (FF: First Family #6)

Stark's Daughter: Chapter 1 - First Appearances


Rating: Teen

Warnings/Notes: Swearing, and moving house if it is a real warning.
This is my first fic so yeah! 

 Y/N- Your name
Y/BF/N- Your best friends name

“Mum, I’m not going to the US” your screaming echoed through the house. “I don’t give a shit about my dad, he was never there and I don’t want to be with him!” You tried to reason with mum as she threw your clothes into a suitcase.
“I gave you one job Y/N, ONE JOB; stay out of trouble. An’ what do you do? Blow up the fucking science block” her voice full of fury as she lugged your suitcase downstairs and into the car. “Besides, you are just like him, you’re smart, funny and so beautiful” she reassured as the car journey began.

After the most boring 6 hours in your life, you landed in the US and was driven to your dad’s house. The time passed quickly with your skype talks with Y/BF/N.
“So you don’t know who he is yet?” She asked in confusion.
“Trust me babe, I’m as clueless as you” You reassured as you pulled into a random driveway. You hung up and pulled out your phone to continue your talk but more privately. Two people walked out of the house as soon as your mum got out of the car. They were talking but you couldn’t hear it. You looked at the front of the car; the keys were still there. Now was the perfect time so you decided to take your chance and lock the doors.

Tony’s POV:
“Hi again Stark” her voice high and shaky as she held out her hand. Pepper took it gingerly and introduced herself.
“Ok what’s all this about?” I asked nervously as she led us to the car.
“Back in 96’, me and stark had a fling; he left the next day but I found out I was pregnant the week after” her voice becoming weaker. “I kept the baby and she’s now 18. And she’s living with you now.” Her face full of tears as she handed the birth certificate to Pepper.
“You can’t just say that I have a daughter and expect her to live with me right Pepper?” I asked nervously as Pepper took the woman away into the house to talk.
“Tony, talk to the kid, she’ll be living here now” Pepper demanded as the front door closed.