First World War

  • Some basic bitch: WWI was a pointless war that had no purpose where millions of people died for nothing.<br>
  • Some Belgian soldier in 1916: Germany invaded my country without provocation, raped and murdered tens of thousands of my people, destroyed our cultural heritage, and to top it off my wife and kids are still trapped somewhere behind their lines. I hope in a hundred years from now people will remember what we fought for.</p>
Man with the dragon tattoo

When Japan declared war against Germany in August 1914, German aviator Gunther Plüschow, based in Kiautschou Bay, flew a number of reconnaissance missions and downed a Japanese plane. When the military situation in Tsingtao became untenable, he flew out and, after crashing his plane, started for Germany on foot. Avoiding arrest, he reached Nanking by foot and boat, Shanghai by train, and San Francisco by ship (via Nagasaki and Honolulu). After crossing the US he set off for Italy, but bad weather forced his ship to dock at Gibraltar, where he was arrested by the British. He was transferred to a POW camp in Leicestershire, but escaped during a storm. While an alert was put out for a man with a “dragon tattoo”, he spent time in London disguised as a worker and hid in the British Museum at night. Finally he managed to board a ferry to neutral Netherlands and from there reached Germany. Initially he was arrested as a spy, since no-one believed his story.

                                 Fröhliche Weihnachten! Счастливого Рождества!

Christmas 1916 - ‘Merry Christmas’ in German and Russian - German soldiers and Russian prisoners posing with a miniature Christmas tree - Personal collection