Curious about Presidential History? Ask a Curator!

Do you have questions about Presidential history and artifacts? Tomorrow, the Presidential Libraries  of the National Archives will be answering questions live for #AskaCurator Day on Twitter.  

Over 600 museums from 40 countries will be participating, including our very own experts on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Jimmy Carter.  You can also ask curators at the National Archives Exhibits in Washington, D.C.

Send us your questions and tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17. We’ve got a great line up!

Museum Objects from the Presidential Libraries:

Rocking Chair used by John F. Kennedy in the Oval Office; RCA Radio Microphone used by FDR to deliver some of his Fireside Chats from the White House; HMS Resolute Desk replica at the JFK Library; Portrait by Octavio Ocampo presented to President Carter on the occasion of a state dinner honoring José López Portillo, President of Mexico, February 1979; 1957 Inaugural gown of Mamie Eisenhower; WWII POW Diary at the Truman Library;1952 Eisenhower campaign hat.

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The full interview video of the Tumblr/Yahoo.

FDR spoke into these microphones during his Fireside Chats. “NBC insisted that the microphone have white call letters so they would be more difficult for competing news organizations to remove in photographs.”

– From Parade magazine, August 10, 2013, excerpted from Souvenir Nation: Relics, Keepsakes, and Curios from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History by William L. Bird, Jr., published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2013.

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Will you watch the President’s Fireside Chats on Google+?

Fireside Chats | Christian & Oz

[Christian was having a late, arduous night, thinking about the patients in his charge. Who they were; why they were… Besides his desire for control, mental illnesses fascinated him. Everything had a reason. Everything could be relayed back to a pin prick or event in time, one way or another, he just had to find it. He massaged the bridge of his nose gently. It had been a long day. He was tired of acting. He needed a shower. As he left his office and headed toward the exit of the institute, he was stopped by a shadow of a figure sitting alone in the Rec Room.] 

[He had only seen him once, but he knew who the shape was. The man had stuck with him. Left an impression on him…]

Mr. O'neil? [calls out with a quiet confidence, piercing through the dark silence.]  Oz, what are you doing out here? Its late… [he walks over, somewhat cautious, self preservation, unsure of the environment and the patient’s stability]