More animation making - learning kinda on the fly at the moment, both how to animate & use the program - planning on doing the basics soon, but making sure to have fun too.

Figured out after I finished that I could make separate cells for the individual elements, rather than trying to do them all on the same 20 layers ^.^; whoops. Ah well, learning is a work in progress!


Wife asked me to Wash the Cat. #firefly #catsofvine

Made with Vine

Malcolm, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Malcolm from Firefly. Portrait is from the chest up. Malcolm is wearing a rust red shirt with black sci-fi style suspenders. The left half of his face glows in a warm orange light. The right half of his face glows in blue light. He is looking to the right with a grim, stormy expression. The background is nearly black with hints of the same orange and blue.]