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Cicada how do you feel about everything that happened ?

“how should i feel about all of this …on that note as well why would any of you lot care all ive seen thus far is tears and grief even if he promised to come back” he said hidden in the darkness “What should have been a moment to reflect and come together to support each other turned into this “ he snapped  his voice cracked a little “..please just leave me alone” Cicada antennas dropped as he looked away and gently lifted up mitsu to hug the little one for comfort.

Cicada , Arcane and Mitsu belongs to @twinklephoenix

Twinkle - Cicada did care very deeply for Arcane even if the two fought sometimes you don’t know how much something truly means to you unless its gone this has affected Cicada very deeply he and arcane are blood-related after all and where very close he wouldnt have gone to see Arcane if he didnt care for his brother

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Both Pyro and Cicada appeared either side of Kayde and kissed him before pulling back to look at there flustered mate. "We will happily make that wish a reality our sweet mate " Pyro purred lovingly both he and Cicada had hearts in there eyes.

“hhhhhh….. I know you would….. I really want to have kids…and umm..” Kayde didn’t know who to hide in as he was flustered. His antennas twitched as he had a bubbly feeling in his stomach.

Pyro and Cicada belongs to @twinklephoenix

Kayde Belongs to me

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Kayde do you want more kids or is Nikko the only child you want? sorry not best english.

“Well I have lilly and Nikko.” He looks at the anon and smiles a little.

“But I would love to have more kids. At least two more.” 

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Can we see a picture of the Firebug family?

This is the Firebug Family i had this commissioned from the wonderful @kaweii @blesstale but this shows the Firebug Family Pyro , Cicada ,Kayde and the twins Nikko and Lilly this is the family thus far who knows how it will grow but so happy how this turned out was well worth the wait and the amount please do go commission Kaweii.

Pyro , Cicada , Nikko and Lilly belong to @twinklephoenix

Kayde belongs to @missladytale

This is the adorable Firebug Family <3 and to think this all started because @missladytale wanted to save Cicada and made Kayde after that Pyro came along then nikko and then lastly Lilly since then the family has grown a little but wont say anymore spoilers 

Little fire bug ben part 2

Ben bites his lip. He wants to bite his thumb but his mom told him not to and has wrapped it in a small bandage that tastes bad. She had pet his head and told him to be a good boy. Ben wants to be a good boy but they’re yelling again.

He clutches his blankets tighter and holds his breath. His mom’s voice rattles things but his dad’s is no better. At least they’re not fighting about him again.

His dad shouts ‘Fine’ but he doesn’t feel fine. Ben feels his mom’s unhappy face and she says 'fine’ too.

After a minute Ben hears footsteps approach and he quickly pulls his blankets up to pretend he’s been asleep. That he hasn’t been listening. They whisper but shout at each other that they don’t want him hearing their fights. He hears all of them.

'Ben?’ His mom comes in and sits on his bed, 'I know you’re awake.’

She pats his back through the blanket and sighs. He doesn’t want to look at her. If she looks she’ll see his wet eyes and get sad again.

'Honey, your dad has to go away for awhile.’ She gently tugs on his blanket and he finally lets her pull it back.

'He said to say sorry about not being able to take you up on the Falcon tomorrow.’ Her hand finds his and squeezes it and she feels upset. 'I still have to leave in a few hours but nanny will take care of you.’

He bites his lip harder and she removes her hand to gently pinch his nose. 'Try not to be too much trouble. Even droids can only take so much.’

She gets up from the bed and says I love you. She waits for him to say it back. He doesn’t.

Once she leaves his room he slips out of bed and fumbles for the box of matches hidden under his mattress.

He looks at the box in his hands. He shakes it once to hear them rattle, to make sure they’re still there, then returns them to their hiding place. He gets back into bed and chews on his lip and tries to fall asleep.

So far my favorite ships consist of

  • An ace pyromaniac cheering up his boyfriend with mothman memes.
  • Who let these two into the same room and let both of them have doctorates?
  • Who let a clown in here?  Get the clown out of here.  The clown has seduced the head of household.  It’s too late.
  • You are only as emotionally distant as your obnoxious boyfriend allows you to be.
  • “Hi I’m a witch and I’m dating a plant.  We are in love.”