An Avatar: The Last Airbender prequel series chronicling the events of the Hundred Years War. Each episode focuses on a specific character, some from the show, some fully original ones.

A few ideas:
- Fire Lord Azulon’s backstory
- Fire Lord Sozin’s actions after killing Roku
- A group of Air Nomads fleeing from the fire nation
- Monk Gyatso reacting to losing Aang
- The extermination of Dragons
- How Iroh becomes the Dragon of the West
- Zuko’s journey to find the Avatar after being exiled and before Aang’s return

So, Iroh was a general who was deemed worthy by the birth givers of fire bending itself and blessed with knowledge of powerful bending and then claimed to have slain the last dragon to save the last two. The dragon of the west laid siege to Ba Sing Se (the impenetrable city) breaking through the outer wall as no one had ever done before and then before being able to reach the inner ring lost his only son Lu Ten on the front lines. He was so hurt by his grief that he immediately abandoned this legendary siege, this moment in military history, and fell back and then quit as a general overall. He was so changed by Lu Ten’s death, which I would guess he felt guilt for since he was the general of the siege that his son was killed in, that he didn’t even fight when Fire Lord Azulon chose Ozai to succeed him even though he wasn’t firstborn. And then, when Fire Lord Ozai burned and banished HIS son, Iroh just went with Zuko without question. He just took it on himself to take care of Zuko, his nephew as if he were his son. And he taught him and cared for him and guided him and didn’t force him to make any right decisions or try to meld him even when he could see the wrong decisions Zuko was making and could see Zuko’s heart better than he could. His brother took his right as Fire Lord and when he banished the Prince of the fire nation, Iroh looked after him as a father when Ozai was nothing. And he was there with Zuko in Ba Sing Se years later as an /immigrant tea maker/! In the city that he very nearly conquered and where he lost his beloved son! He made a life there with Zuko and was there to help him make the right choice when he was struggling with himself and his destiny. And Iroh never forced him and always left it up to him and was even there for him when he made the wrong decision. And then when Zuko betrayed him, betrayed the bond that they had made so naturally as if Iroh was his own father, Iroh’s reaction was so real. Like… He didn’t say anything or yell or anything when Zuko came to him in that cell. This was his nephew who he had sided with. He has seen Zuko be challenged to a duel at thirteen years old, against his father who is a fully fledged fire bender. He was there when he was banished by his father, as a child who did not know why this was happening to him, and he trained this kid and knew him inside and out and knew this prince who was brainwashed by ideas of honor and who wanted so badly to have the love of his father and nation. He knows him and his inner struggle and I bet he knew everything going on in Zuko when he came to him and acted like a crazy person. He went from blaming Iroh for his own imprisonment to telling he could rot for all he cares to bringing him food and asking for help. And Iroh knows him so well and he cried when he listened to Zuko press at the bars of his cell and beg for his help. When he listens to him say he was right and that he got everything he wanted and that nothing was what it should be. And that he was so confused and when he asked him for help, something Iroh has been giving for years. And he didn’t say anything at all, and when Zuko he shed tears for him. And I bet it was a hard feeling to forsake Zuko (as Zuko had forsaken him) and leave him on his own to decide his heart and to figure out how to guide his own destiny as the rightful lord of an entire nation. And that’s so powerful. To see him be silent when he knows Zuko’s baggage, knows all of the knots in his self and the guilt and knows the good in his heart too. And yet he still?! Gives Zuko the knowledge of his grandfather, Avatar Roku. And then, when Zuko comes back to him after having found the true heart in himself that Iroh had always seen, he listened to Zuko voicing the heavy guilt over betraying him and the want for Iroh’s acceptance and Iroh just accepted him. He just put aside every divergence from good Zuko had made in his desperate search for right and just accepted him for who he was. It’s amazing… Zuko may have never become the Fire Lord he was born to be if it weren’t for him. It’s amazing, and I just thought about all of this because I was thinking about Iroh taking in his brother’s son as if his own. I got sidetracked by this amazing character who just wants to be a tea maker.