Firebender Aesthetic

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So i was re-watching The Legend of Korra (because, well, korra) and suddenly I started to think, what if lok was an R-rated show?…can you imagine how brutal it could get??

I mean, earth benders could impale their opponents, pierce their hearts with stalagmites or get them swallowed by the earth to death.

Water benders could pierce them with icy peaks or cut their limbs with that sharp water knife. Not to mention that blood benders could literally bend the blood out of the body of their opponent.

Air benders could bend the air within the enemy’s lungs and make them explode into a furious tornado.

And fire benders….well…they would’ve had a hell of a time during the 100 years war like the inquisitors during the renaissance.

Gryffindor: Fire Benders

Some insight into why I classified Gryffindors as Fire Benders (from ATLA):

Fire is (according to Uncle Iroh) the element of power. The fighting style of Fire Benders is very intense and almost completely offensive. Their technique is less about accuracy or waiting until the right moment, but throwing hit after hit in quick, steady succession until one lands. 

This is similar to Gryffindor in that the overall mindset for them is “Go in, guns blazing” rather than “Wait until the perfect moment to strike.” Energetic, daring, and confrontational are very Fire Nation and Gryffindor.  

Gryffindors can also easily get overwhelmed by their emotions and let it overtake their logic when it comes to a fight. This is very similar to Fire Benders because of the way that things like rage can help fuel their bending, but can also have disastrous consequences if they can’t keep it under control. Gryffindors can be quite hot-headed (hehe). 

Gryffindors are also big partiers and performers, like the Fire Nation with its history of Festivals and Theatre.

And lastly, a very strong connection between the two is the strong sense of honor. Honor was certainly a large theme when it came to Zuko (to the point where it became a joke) but this is tied to how highly it was held in the Fire Nation. Citizens participate in Agni Kais to defend their honor if someone has disrespected them. Honor, bravery, and a sense of justice are very strong Fire Nation and Gryffindor traits.

Confession One: If anything, I’d ship Zutara, not because of Katara, but because Zuko has been everything in a guy I’d be attracted to since I was 10. I’m 16. I am in love with fire bender boys. Zuko, Mako, they are all.. well.. hot. Haha. But Zuko tops them all. <3