saffaux reblogged a post about lady armor in video games and I wanted to see how my latest gaming obsession fared when it came to female armor designs.

I never really noticed but apparently they changed the Carapace Armor designs for ladies in the expansion, taking away the weird boob cup thing going on in Enemy Unknown. 

It makes me happy to know one of the designers, at some point during the creation of Enemy Within, saw the boob cups and thought “that’s fucking stupid. Let’s fix it.”

Good on you, Firaxis Games/2K.

When undiscovered by the enemy, the player can carry out actions during a Concealment Phase in XCOM 2, and their squad is able to move somewhat freely, place mines, and flank enemies before attacking or breaking that concealment. This adds an important layer to the combat of the game overall, by A) expanding play to allow players to perform a sort of reconnaissance and thus removing many of the unknown factors from the start of an encounter, and B) allowing a large number of the player’s squad to get into position before the battle proper starts, rather than slowly bringing them out one by one.

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In Sid Meier’s Civilization, what’s the real difference between the civilized and the barbarous?
Firaxis Games on Twitter
“Who knew Civ V and anime went so well together? Check out all of @ctcsherry's Civ V leaders!”

I got some messages regarding these old old arts (my guess is that these are making the rounds again) and the usual issues of them not being sourced. Then I suddenly remembered that well at least the Firaxis media team did! (ngl Firaxis tweeting about my CIV fanarts is as pleasantly surprising as it gets)

Sourcing would be greatly appreciated!


Coming from Firaxis’ Jake Solomon, the creative director on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen…

“There are few times in my career that I’ve been as surprised as when I was watching that presentation. Just like everyone else, my jaw dropped a little bit when I heard the phrase, ‘As you see, Luigi has taken half-cover.’ What world am I in right now? I couldn’t believe it.

But I realized that this is finally how I can introduce XCOM to my daughters. I can finally play something like XCOM with my daughters, introduce the basic concepts. Then, when they’re old enough, maybe we can move on to XCOM together. That was really cool to see.

It’s neat to see these things become standards of gameplay. It’s good. Hopefully, they’ll come up with something awesome. I liked the jumping mechanic. They’ll come up with some cool twists, and I’ll definitely steal them. [Laughs] I never thought I’d see Mario taking cover with a gun.”