Fira Wajiha


#5: The Mind

The running joke here is that every time Fira “wakes up”, she’s always either sweating or eyes puffy from crying in her “sleep”. Whenever she enters her mind world it’s always waking up being surrounded by calm water that slowly and gently carries her off with the current. She figured the fact that she constantly ended up in water had something to do with the unconscious crying and sweating. 

mirathemage-deactivated20150415  asked:

Quick question: Did you come up with Fira for Ava's Demon first or did Michelle?

Hi, thanks for your question! I figured some people I assumed also started randomly following me because of the latest update (lol thanks tho omg hi new followers <3) wanted to know about this!

Fira’s actually an oc I came up with and submitted to a forum post “Imagine yourself in the Ava’s Demon universe” or something like that in the Ava’s Demon forum about a year ago! Ironically I ended up developing my oc for my personal works as well, so that was nice and fun to know that my oc was getting recognition from Michelle’s comic <3 She found the post and asked me if she could use it for random cameos, which I was totally cool with :3c So yeah Fira is my OC! (Honestly I’d never thought my oc would get that far in the story ahah!) 

Alsoa quick tidbit, Gev originally did not have a name as he was also another random character Michelle came up with, but my friend Laura and I had grown to love him so we gave him a name, Gev Astraeus, and somehow fangirlled about the both of them together so much Michelle found out and made full use of it sdjfhskgjhgk 

Thanks for asking! <3