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“Are we in the middle of "a renaissance for black film"? @JohnBoyega and some of Hollywood's most famous faces share their thoughts...”

I love this little clip about Black representation in Hollywood. 

But I HATE the fact that it reminded me of all the shit John Boyega went through when that first Star Wars trailer came out. And how Lucasfilms sat on their asses and did nothing about it. 

And how underwritten the Finn character was in The Last Jedi, and the centering of K/lo R0n. 

Mr. Boyega did not go through all of that so that Rian Johnson could canonize the woobification of K/lo.

And yes. I’m still pissed. 

Damerey Week: Best (Shared) Friendship

“So, if you really need to know, I guess it all started when I needed a pilot.” Finn pursed his lips and stared at the bright yellow wall in front of him, trying to figure out how best to phrase it. “I was … well, I worked for some bad people. Really bad. And worked for isn’t the best word for it, but - uh,” he blinked and redirected. “So there he was: he’d had a terrible day, himself, but he took a chance on me. Best pilot in the galaxy, poster boy of the Resistance, taking a chance on me. He told me he could fly anything, and you know what? He was absolutely telling the truth.”

He paused and looked at his audience, his throat closing up for a moment, and then he shook his head, rubbed the short growth on his chin, and continued. “He saved my life. Gave me my name. Poe Dameron, the legend. My best friend.”

“And, my life wouldn’t be the same without my other best friend. I’m pretty sure you know her.” He winked, and giggles answered his silly gesture. “She’s alright.” He eyed the doorway expecting an object to come flying through it and raised his hands in mock-surrender. “Okay, okay, she’s more than alright. She’s wonderful, and brave, and absolutely terrifying.” Nods of agreement met the statement. “And let me tell you, she kicked my a—butt the first time we met. Thought I’d stolen my jacket.”

He stopped and preened, patting the leather jacket which had, admittedly, seen better days. Finn nodded at the Ooo’s and Aaah’s and straightened out the lapels before continuing. “She looked at me like no one else had, and while Poe saved my life, Rey showed me that I could be a hero, that I could save other people. She believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself, and I’ll never forget that.”

“So, when people ask me how it feels to know the heroes of the Resistance, I tell them it feels lucky.”

Tiny hands clapped together delightedly as he finished his makeshift story. It didn’t really have a solid beginning, middle, or end, but so much of the beginning, middle, and end was defined by violence that Finn wasn’t ready to share with them, not yet.

Shara and Hana Dameron stared up at him with bright, beaming smiles, four years old and full of questions that he could see swimming in their brown eyes. Before they could ask them, a soft voice floated into the bedroom.

“Your Uncle Finn missed the most important hero of the Resistance.” Rey, finally returned from the evening’s Senate event, walked into the room, beatifically smiling at her twin daughters. After the excited exclamations of mommy! and kisses placed on round, freckled cheeks, the girls settled back onto their bed.

“Who’s that, Mommy?” Shara, the more outspoken twin, asked.

“Why, it’s your Uncle Finn,” Rey said, eyebrows raised. Finn squirmed uncomfortably, about to argue. But: “He saved your mom and dad many times during the war, and the Army never would have defeated the First Order on Tatooine without his leadership. Best soldier I ever saw.”

Finn blushed even as the twins whispered, “Wow.”

“We wouldn’t have gotten very far without Finn,” Poe’s warm voice continued. The retired Colonel leaned against the doorframe, smiling at his family, the silver in his hair now completely undeniable. “We owe him our lives, our freedom - more things than I can list, really.”

“Uncle Finn, how did you become such a good soldier?” Hana clearly felt brave enough to ask.

His stomach dropped slightly, but Rey smoothly said, “You should ask him tomorrow, after you’ve gotten some sleep, and only if he wants to answer.” Shara and Hana modded solemnly. “Now, I’m sure he wants to get home to his own babies.”

“Next time, can Paige and Tallie come with Uncle Finn?” Shara asked, snuggling in under the blanket next to her sister.

“Of course,” Finn grinned at her. “Hopefully they’ll be over the stomach flu by then.”

Rey and Poe kissed their children goodnight, and Finn gathered up the toys and books that had been scattered around the nursery during the evening. After the light clicked off, and Finn was the last one standing in the room, Hana whispered, “Uncle Finn?”

“What is it, Peanut?”

“…Were you ever afraid of the dark?”

Finn thought back to his training, his childhood, his brothers dying around him, his brother dying in his arms (killed by the man who would become his brother). He cleared his throat and whispered back, “Yeah. Still am, sometimes.”

“Oh.” And then: “Could you…stay? Until I fall asleep?”

Warmth flooded his chest, and although he himself was tired and needed to walk home, Finn nodded. “I’ll stay as long as you need me to.”

“Thanks.” Hana burrowed in under the covers. “…I love you.”

“Me too,” Shara echoed

“I love you both,” Finn said. “Very, very much.”

Headcanon: Marceline and Bubblegum enjoy talking to the Finn Sword. Sure Finn’s dead by then, but he’s still their shared moral compass. And they need someone to vent to.

[And even if Bonnie knows he isn’t there (Marceline has doubts), sometimes- when Marcy’s feeling just a bit too untethered and Bonnie is two steps away from going over the deep end…they almost hear him talk back

Part Two:


What I loved the most of the finale: PB, Marceline, Finn reuniting with their family. bubblegum looked like she was willing to spend time with aunt lolly(& neddy), marceline gets to be with simon again, and minerva joins finn at the land of Ooo (and more than that, marceline and bubblegum BECOME a family!)