Finished season two

arrives 2 and half years later with more papercuts

lauren shippen, releasing the 55-minute season finale of the bright sessions on wednesday: “i am ready to cause lots of pain and suffering”

gabriel urbina, cackling to himself as he releases a 2-hour special episode of wolf 359 today, earlier than anybody expected: “lol watch this”

OKAY so i’m thinking about kirishima’s and bakugo’s “study date” and like??? 1) kirishima WANTED to study with bakugo like he showed no interest in studying with yaomomo even tho she was number one in the class AND everyone else was going to, and 2) bakugo WILLINGLY tutored kirishima!!!! one on one!!!! there was no begging or pleading on kirishima’s end really, bakugo was just like “i’ll beat it into you, shitty hair let’s go” i’m fucking?????? what the fuck????

My Favorite Moments of Voltron S2

- Hunk Ramsey™
- Pidge-I-Don’t-Know-Which-Bathroom-To-Use-So-I’ll-Just-Hold-It
- Lance’s face
- Angry Space Dad™
- Knowledge or Death
- Protective Mama Red Lion
- “My name is Coran, and I’m a gorgeous man”
- Coran’s life phases
- EP 11 Titled “Stayin’ Alive”
- (Last episode wrecked me Im dead inside)


Here’s a piece I’ve had in the works for ages…the top room of the clocktower I designed earlier. This is Wren’s loft, where she sleeps (on a hammock!), studies her maps, and keeps her favorite trinkets. The rest of the treasure is down below, where Candle sleeps.


Frank Frink and Inspector Takeshi Kido // just wanted to sketch my faves from The Man in the High Castle

  • what she says: im fine
  • What she means: jim and pam love each other so much it breaks my heart. pam deserves someone who is better for her than roy who cares about her and wants to talk to her and hear what she has to say; and jim is a bean and deserves to be happy forever but they are both good people so they wouldn't start anything while she was engaged to roy and they both got hurt so badly i am emo i am only on the third season but i am Hurt