#HIDEWEEK - Day 03 [ ♠ ] Autumn   


Everglow was able to translate the final episode of KHX! Watch it get your heart ripped out :)) kh and khx spoilers

I started leveling a fourth orc with @artbynoodle, and I had no inspiration for a new new character… so I’m just gonna make her one of Balgheera’s many sisters. Because I didn’t have enough muscle babes?? Idk. This one has some silly face paint and a neck/shoulder tattoo I still have to design

I can’t wait to clean this up but i cant draw any more tonight. Early wake up. ; H ;

Just for fun: KBTBB Coffee Shop AU

So yeah, a kbtbb coffee shop au where mc’s a barista and eisuke’s a frequent customer

The first time he visits the shop, he orders a latte. MC makes his latte, but she unfortunately spells his name wrong and puts too much milk and sugar in his drink

MC: One tall latte for… Ass-ke?

So lol Eisuke’s like wtf man, but he takes a sip of his coffee anyway and much to his surprise, it’s delicious lolol

Since then, he’s been a regular customer of the shop, ordering the same thing every single time, but even then, she still writes ‘Ass-ke’ on the cup
He doesn’t know if she purposely misspells his name to annoy him lolol but oh well at least the coffee’s great and the barista’s hella cute

@maidofstars @bolt8826 @singer-azura @tsundere-eevee @themysticaldaydreamer
I thought you guys would like the idea lol