I started watching jojo and finally got to the part where folks get stands and let me tell you I can’t wait to make some ridiculous stand oc. 

EDIT: I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GETTING MULTIPLE INBOX MESSAGES WITH STAND INFORMATION FROM FOLKS BUT ALSO I’M TOO AFRAID TO ACTUALLY READ THEM FROM FEAR OF SPOILERS. I appreciate everyone’s jojo related enthusiasm though what a chill fandom. I probably won’t actually draw anything till I’m caught up with the entire show don’t worry lol.
 I also said ‘finally got to the part’ but actually i’m several episodes in rn.

“Show me beauty I wanna see it
 baby press against my skin I fucking need it”

*sounds of disapproval*
please pretend this is “scary” and “creepy” <D
/i’ll post other scary-creepy arts later, i decided to do a pack of 4-5 different variations/
I need a drink.

“Ahem yes, well poppycock to all that I say.”

Guys guys I’ve delved into full nerdom, but Critical Role is so good. I’m not super far in the show but I love Tiberius. Plus I needed an excuse to do non-school art, sooooo bonus. 

  • Percy:I've saved the world at least three times, my life is revolving around Greek and Roman gods and I know Egyptian gods exist. I just was to calm down and finish school.
  • Annabeth:hey my undead cousin is the son of a Norse god and they need our help or Ragnarok will start and the world is gonna end
  • Percy:fuck this you can Per-sEE ME LATER 'CAUSE I'M GONE

Inktober x Inktober
Oct. 20, 2016 - “Squeeze”

Madhouse animator Niuya drew Killua with a Gon plush that makes it practically canon right? Maybe Alluka made it for him, she had a lot of stuffed animals.

Part of my (digital & traditional) Hunter x Hunter themed Inktober!
Prints available on INPRNT!