This Time Around AU

Character A is technically immortal, but each new regeneration has its own set of rules. Character A has to trade a part of themself to come back from the dead, and every time it changes – for example, in one regeneration Character A may be a paraplegic, in another regeneration they may have the use of their legs but be colorblind, in the next regeneration they may have 20/20 vision but incredible amounts of OCD and anxiety, etc.

In their current regeneration, Character A is trying to live a quiet, less adventurous life than their previous ones and has opted to work at a coffee shop in a quiet college community. Everything is going fairly well, until an ominous figure is reported to be stalking students around campus and Character A has the sinking suspicion that something – or someone – is coming after Character A.

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Could you do one of Neil recovering? :)

This was going to be cute and fluffy, but then something dark possessed me… it was probably sleep deprivation


Being bedridden is the worst thing for a runner, and with two fractured ribs, a shattered forearm, and more bruises and cuts than he can count, that’s exactly what Neil is. His upper body took the brunt of the collision, but it’s his legs that ache. Every muscle twinges with the desire to burn. It feels like the need ingrains itself all the way down to his bone, making his toes twitch to get up and move.

It gets worse when Coach puts him on injury reserve. He’s banished to the bench to watch his teammates run drills and scrimmages. His nerves feel like a livewire waiting for that single spark to send fire scorching through his veins. His whole body thrums with impatience to get back on that court. It leaves him a mess of bubbling and warring emotions that clog his chest and leave scarred destruction in their wake.

After his first game not playing, Neil is intercepted by a tall man in a suit in the parking lot. The conversation is brief, but the threat is clear. Neil barely makes it to the car before his whole world tilts. His vision starts to blur around the edges, and he’s only vaguely aware of his hands trembling at his sides. He’s not sure if he says anything, the ringing in his ears too loud, but he must make some sort of sound because Andrew is there. He crowds Neil back against their new car, a strong and solid weight coaxing air back into Neil’s lungs. It calms Neil down, but it doesn’t chase the shadows away, just keeps them at bay for the time being. He still feels dread settle in his stomach like a cement block and unease digs its claws into his throat until there’s a lump he has to swallow around. He rests his head against the window as they drive back to their apartment and closes his eyes against the dark clouds brewing inside him.

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my fav thing ab tcw is that the writers don't give two shits ab hiding palpatine's identity

It’s really difficult to hide the fact that a man who looks like this…

Is not evil.

Also, we all have that foreknowledge from the movies on how this is all going to go down. They aren’t going to try and play it off like he isn’t Sidious.

Besides, doesn’t it just make all his inside jokes all the more enjoyable? lol

– Admin CG