*Spoilers* Flash Season 3 Finale

For the love of god, I’m happy my theory did played out as everyone had the same theory, but can we at least have ONE happy ending with this fucking show? For fucks sake this kid stopped his worst villain (yet) and was about to get married to the love of his life and then all of a sudden the universe and his goddamn powers are like “Yeah nah, come live forever here away from everything” 

I know he’s signed on for season 4 so they didn’t rid him completely

Caitlin is still a meta which is fine with me

Cisco and Gypsy are now a thing which is great

Joe and Cecile are a thing that’s great

H.R. is dead and, I know this is harsh, but he was disposable from the beginning so Im not that heart broken, plus we have Tracy which is basically him.

Iris is alive, that’s great, but this girl loses Barry so fucking much. Good lord, if she’s still single by the start of season 4, you better have that damn wedding in the first 5 minutes.

Fuck this show makes me so angry

I can’t fucking believe the emotional week I had to endure because of this bullshit

Fuck this show





I’m starting to believe that new theory that the reason Killer Frost stayed with Savitar for so long is because she is pregnant with his child. It just explains to me why they put that scene of Caitlin holding the baby in the speed force and why she didn’t want the antidote even though it was all she wanted for most of Season 3.
—  Anonymous

For anyone who caught last nights episode of The Flash, here are my thoughts on the finale! I know this season was kinda all over the place but one thing I can say is that Candice Patton was a huge standout! I’m so happy to see her character get so much focus this year, and I’m so happy to be apart of the Flash and WestAllen fandom. Thank you guys for a great year in the fandom!

I thought that the Speed Force lightning storm seemed familiar, and I just realized the reason why–it happened in the comics not too long ago. 

And you know what happened then? Dozens of people in Central City became speedsters. STAR Labs became a training center for all of them. 

Season 4 foreshadowing?

Maybe I’m lost here but can someone please make sense of this big plot hole in the finale? If that tech device HR was using to change his face and appearance still functions like it did in the beginning, wouldn’t the team had known it was HR behind the device and not Iris? Meaning it was used in a way where the entire team could tell it was him and no one else. The team should have known it was him because early on we saw him explain how it works and that only they would see who he is. I’m scratching my head on this one.
—  Anonymous
Thoughts/feelings/questions about Flash season 3 finale:

Why Savitar got more swag than regular BA?

Why Savitar got better style than BA?

Why Savitar got me feeling bad for his Ass?

Why couldn’t Barry run H.R to the hospital in the 10 minutes he lay there telling the woman he only knew for 3 days he loves her?

Why didn’t anyone else volunteer as tribute to go into the speed force aside from Barry? I’m looking at you Jay. I mean I love you but you lived your life.

Why Caitlin always shooting down Julian when he wants her at her worse? That’s love.

If she aint Killer Frost or Caitlin than What’s her new name?

What was Savitars plan for Jessie ??

What was the wedding date they decided on??? Is Iris gonna have to call all them guests herself to Cancel?

Did Barry record a studio version of RHTY in preparation for the wedding?

I would be down for a Savitar, Barry, Iris love triangle.
Savyy was straight up bitter.
He could’ve DJ'ed he wedding btw.

Are we finally getting a new and improved star labs?? Please.