thetalonforyourhead  asked:

i'm going to la, what are some vinyl records stores in la that you would recommend? i've been to amoeba but thats pretty much it. i just started collecting and have a long list of albums to buy.


-Vacation Vinyl (harder stuff)

-Hi-Fidelity (lots of soul)

-Headline Records (punk shop)

-Jackknife Records & Tapes (great little shop, good finds)

-Rockaway Records ( A little pricey, but tons of hard to find stuff)

-Origami Vinyl (Great for newer indie stuff)

-Mono Records (Good for used rock)

-Gimme Gimme Records (Great Jazz/Blues section, good indie stuff)

-Lolipop Records (Tiny shop with a good punk section)

-Permanent Records (Great punk, 60’s rock stuff)

-Wombelton Records (Expensive, hard to find import stuff)

-Mount Analog (More electronica than other stuff, beautiful shop)

-The Last Book Store (Just go, it’s one of the coolest places in LA)

-Burger Records ( Lots of Punk and Indie, good deals on stuff!)

-Fingerprints (Long Beach staple.)

-Record Surplus (overwhelming, mostly older stuff)

mattyhewhealy  asked:

hi!! i don't know if you have talk about this or if you even want to but i'd be very interested to hear the story behind your recent photo with hann! you both seem to be having such a good time, and it's such a unique fan photo. how did that happen?

Omg I just realized I never actually posted the story behind it! This might be long, bare with me.

Okay so basically it was taken at a private 21+ bar show that The Japanese House did at a city in Hollywood. That entire night was so wild and beautiful. I went to the show with @ifibelieveyou and we genuinely weren’t expecting Adam or George or anyone to show up. We solely went to see The Japanese House, but in our minds we knew it could be a very slim possibility since LA is only about an hour away from Santa Barbara where they were playing the following night, plus the guys are insanely proud of Amber and the rest of the Japanese House. So we went to the show and Amber and Freddy and Will were just lounging on couches and mingling and drinking. We literally spoke to Amber here and there for almost 2 hours. Then a while later George just casualty walked in. He seemed like he was really happy and relaxed and I mean it was 4/20 so he was most likely 100% feelin himself after a few joints. Then when the actual set started I looked behind me and Jam and Adam were there as well. I shit you not they were behind me during the entire set. G was sitting on a couch behind me and Adam, Jam, and Carl were standing and dancing and bobbing. It was quite nice to see how much they love Amber and the guys. We were in the very front and were going off the entire time and singing every word and knew every riff and chord and everytime it picked up. We also made a few weird noises and “yeah!” in between songs and I’m not sure from who, but during those I heard a few giggles from one of the dirty hit squad behind us. There was also someone behind me who was significantly shorter who I met before at redbull soundspace, so I turned around a few times to make sure she could see and was in good range for photos or anything and whenever I’d turn around George or Adam were looking directly at me. I think I got slight whiplash from turning my head away so we didn’t make eye contact. Then after the set everyone was just chilled. Basically how it went was, if you RSVPed before the show you got a stamp and could just walk around wherever you wanted in the bar or out on the outdoor patio and because we had stamps we got to go outside. So before we went out we spoke to Jamie and Hann for a few minutes and George was with people so we didn’t want to pester him too much so a simple hi seemed all that was necessary. Then later we saw Jam again and I spoke to him for a good while. At one point I asked him were the others were (Matty and Ross) and he said “Matthew’s actually sleeping right now, and I’m not quite sure where Ross is.” my thought immediately went to “he probably with John lmao” but I was like “Matty’s actually sleeping? Good! I’m proud of him. He’s been so busy lately, he deserves it” and Jam was like “Yeah, he’s in a really good place right now. This past week has been busy so far” and I kind of unintentionally grilled him and was like “Are you being sincere? I really hope he is in a good place” and he said very seriously “Why would I lie about that? He’s like my son. Of course he’s in a good place” Then we went out on the patio and just hung out with everyone we were with and hung out with Amber again and took photos with her and had her write things out for us. Then I saw Adam and went up to him and spoke to him again and he was so kind and happy and obviously a little buzzed (as was everyone including myself) and I spoke to him about Hannasdogs that I run as well as the beautiful edit I made of the guys as dogs with their billboard photoshoot and we talked for about 15-20 minutes and then someone came and swooped him away. Then we mingled a little while longer and had a few more drinks and I felt bad for continually going up to Adam so I went up to him again and was like “I’m sorry to intrude, but we were wondering if we could all just snap a few photos and we’d let you have the rest of your night with the guys” so he was excited and was like “Absolutely!” and I told him I have my disposable and wanted to take a disposable and a funny picture on my phone and he was like “Let’s do all of them!” so we walked to a lit up area and my friends took their photos and videos first and then I stopped him before I took the photo and I had the idea of having him draw me a dog to get tattooed because I have a deep love for dogs (obviously the Twitter account, the billboard edit, everything I talk about) and I know he has in a certain sense too so I was like eh why not. So I asked him and his face was so shocked and he was like “I can’t! I’d feel so horrible if you were to regret it in 30 years. Plus, I’m a horrible drawer.” It was actually quite cute because genuinely it showed how caring he is overall. So then we actually took the photos and I was like “okay, let’s take a normal photo with the disposable camera and a cute/funny one with my phone” so we took a super cute smiley one with my disposable and then I was like “let’s do this” and he pulled me in a little and just shot up a peace sign. I’m genuinely excited to develop my camera because it has the photo with Hann but also that not Amber took an iconic selfie with it as well. Plus it has photos from the Fingerprints signing in Long Beach, Night 1 LA from Ross side 2nd row, Balcony from Night 2, and Redbull Soundspace. ANYWAYS, after that Adam went off with Jam and the others he was with. It was nice because whenever Jam or any of them saw us they’d smile and nod and it felt so nice. I mean we were all for the most part drunk, but the environment was so nice. They were playing oldies all night so everyone was dancing and in the moment. There were pretty lights hanging outside and candles lit. It was so intimate and nice and it didn’t feel like we were intruding on anyone necessarily because everyone was mingling and enjoying the night. I have a new respect for everyone that was there that night. Everyone was so patient and sincere and just overall so kind. I think it helped that everyone was really drunk, but it just showed their personalities a lot more. Jamie is just a big softy and really loves those boys so much, Hann is just a goofy and bighearted dog loving wizard, Amber is the sweetest and funniest human to ever exist, plus the people at Interscope and Dirty Hit are sincerely so proud of every one they represent. Idk that night was so incredible and full of so many good ass memories. Plus, the picture with Hann is literally my favorite picture I’ve ever taken let alone taken with any member of any band.

This was all over the place. I’m sorry, but I loved this night. My god.