HOW TO DRAW HANDS - A Process Tutorial


The full week here! and a very hard one! Clearly I can’t learn how to draw hands in just one week. So subscribe to this channel to see my ongoing struggle until I finally get it right!!!

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Ha, well, it’s certainly odd to see someone interested in my birth defect, as opposed to ridiculing it.  It’s–it’s a nice oddness though, heh! You…uh, you definitely have my gratitude.

Hm, I suppose it’s…neither, to be honest? I mean, I’ve never known the physicality of a, well, a “normal” hand to compare.  But the tendons of my extra finger don’t seem as limited as that of my pinky, and it’s definitely not a secondary opposable thumb.  So…

Honestly, it’s…it’s almost like an additional middle finger!  Yes, that’s it.  I hope that answers your que–


Well, I suppose that’s a perk when it comes to…y’know…an additional middle finger.

Two birds with one stone.

▽Stanford Pines▽