Alolan Raticate prefers to eat only fresh fruits and high-class ingredients. There are rumors that a certain top-notch restaurant takes advantage of Alolan Raticate’s taste buds by bringing it along when choosing ingredients to buy, and having it taste test new dishes.”

I can only imagine finding Raticate dining in a fancy restaurant in Alola…


If going out to eat is starting to feel a bit humdrum, perhaps it’s time to take your dining up a notch, or rather 180 notches. Dinner In The Sky is an adrenaline-fueled fine dining experience that takes place around a steel dining table structure that’s secured to a set of cables and suspended by crane up to 180 feet above the ground.

Each of the table’s 22 guests are safely strapped into comfy leather seats before the crane lifts them all off the ground. The center of the table features a walking platform which accommodates the chef and up to 4 additional service personnel. The basic package rents out the table for 8 hours and can be set up for any sort of meal, meeting, cocktails, or whatever else you can dream up to take place around a metal table hanging high in the air. Just don’t drop your fork.

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[via HiConsumption]