Finding Carter

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  • MUSIC:
  1. the 1975
  2. panic! (modern/pre-split)
  3. fall out boy
  4. twenty one pilots
  5. mcr and/or solo careers
  6. the brobecks
  7. the young veins
  • ANIME:
  1. hetalia
  2. black butler/kuroshitsuji
  • TV:
  • finding carter
  • sherlock (holmes) [bbc/otherwise]
  1. dodie clark
  2. dan and/or phil
  3. tyler oakley
  4. thomas sanders
  5. troye sivan (music too)
  6. connor franta
  • OTHER:
  1. disney
  2. space, or, alternatively, star wars
  3. cute animals, i guess <3
  4. fashion, art, aesthetics, photography, etc
  5. harry potter/fantastic beasts
  6. mythology/any other cool history things
  7. guys and dolls
  8. shakespeare
Do you ever imagine yourself in your favorite show and make up your own character and the connection you have with your favorite character and what they would say and do. I don't know might just be me...
Leaving you is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. You have to know how much I love you—how much I would do for you—but this is the only way out for me; this is the only way I know to start over. You changed my life more than I knew was possible. You helped me get here. I love you. I’ll be back for you, I promise.
—  Crash’s letter