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orphan black rewatch: sarah and cosima in 2x10

look, so this spiral - this is the golden ratio, and it’s a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature, in flower petals and honey bees, in the stars in the galaxy, and in every molecule of our dna. 
god, we’re so different, all of us. 


dont adopt him he’s gonna destroy your clothes… boi are you even listening


There was an attempt

remusfreakinloopin  asked:

I just have to say your dedication to Percival Graves impresses me (I, personally, found him extremely creepy in the movie, but that wasn't him per se, so I'll forgive him and cast a judging look towards Dumbledore and his more than questionable taste in men, both because of haircut and pedophiliac tendencies)

Ah, thank you. He was creepy, I’m not denying it. But you know what else he was ? Extremely interesting. 

- He comes from a famous family of Aurors. What does that say about his upbringing? 

- He is working as the right hand man of the President of the MACUSA. What does that say about his character? 

- He fought Grindelwald, and Grindelwald could impersonate him and use wandless and wordless magic without anyone batting an eye. What does that say about Graves’ powers? 

- His relationship with Credence. Several people say the real Graves probably knew Credence before Grindelwald, just because of the time it would take for an abused person to come to trust another one like that. 

- No one noticed he wasn’t himself. What does that say, about his relationships with other people? I refuse to believe no one cares about him. 

- Let’s say he survived Grindelwald. There is so much potential there. Find the real!Graves, bring him back, make him heal. He’d be a PTSD survivor. How would he react to, well, everything? All the things Grindelwald did while he had his face? To the knowledge that a stranger like Newt found out about him when no one else did? Would he go back to work as if everything was normal? Would he want to meet Newt? Would he hunt Grindelwald down, fueled by sheer rage? We just don’t know. 

I just think he is an incredibly interesting character. Plus he’s attractive, and Colin Farrell played him magnificently well. 

A man like him, with his position and his power. I refuse to believe that no one cares about him. I refuse to believe that no one would try to reach out for him. Even if that’s what we were shown in the movie. Even if no one even mentioned his name at the end. And if JKR really makes us want to believe that, yes, this is the end of Percival Graves, and never give us any kind of definite answer about him, then it’s the worst waste of a character I’ve ever seen in any work of fiction. 

We’re desperately waiting for a word on her part. Either she tells us that he’s definitely dead, or she hints that he might be returning, but not saying anything and leaving us hanging like this? That’s just cruel. 


“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder




It always comes as a surprise to me when I see myself on the screen, or read something that identifies me as a star. When I was a little girl, I always worried that no one would ever love me, and that I would never find a man willing to marry me. My nose wasn’t pretty and I was terribly thin. I was sickly too, with asthma and quite miserable about my prospects… But at least, I was lucky I got off the shelf. Audrey Hepburn


So I’ve redesigned Chika to fit into Suna more but also I wanted to draw @whereislaurita ’s babes because have you seen them?????????