Find Me My Man

I know some people don’t like the show Find Me My Man but this woman is the truth. You have all these other matchmaker shows that cater to the Caucasian women and men but not a decent one for people of color. I like how Natalie just tells the truth about these women and I think it helps other women of color think about their own flaws when it comes to relationships

   Now you find that you feel all  alone and worst of all,  people surround
   you.   And now you  mind  that there’s no one  there to  pad your FALL
   when  you  come   crashing down.   The morning’s  come  when  I  no
   longer   compromise  myself for a lost cause. Why do we   love to stay
   awake and   contemplate tonight,   and all that has gone  wrong.   Now
   you weep.  You can barely get to  sleep knowing who,  knowing  what
   you have become. Now I’m GONE and there’s nowhere else to go but
   down,  as long as you don’t take me along, yeah please don’t drag me
   DOWN.  'Cause I don’t understand how you felt, Why you lied and why
   you cried when everything was right before your eyes.

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