Meeting Baby Hummel-Anderson || Finchel

Rachel had slept pretty well for the first night in about a week, feeling less sick and restless than she had all week long. Finn had suggested they don’t even set an alarm - she had the day off and he had one of those six o’clock night shifts at the restaurant which meant he’d usually sleep in until like, noon. She didn’t even know the time when her and Finn’s phones started buzzing simaltaneously.

Jumping up in surprise, Rachel took both of their phones - knowing Finn wouldn’t even stir awake at the noise, nothing really bothered him during a good night’s sleep - and silenced Finn’s, squinting at her own phone screen and letting out a sigh. By the way they were both being called, she thought someone had died or something. “Blaine? Hi, yeah, it’s - no, it’s okay,” she told him when he apologized for calling at seven in the morning. “She’s what?! Oh my God, the baby? Okay, okay, I’ll wake up Finn in a second. Oh my God. Alright, we’ll see you guys soon, love you!” Hanging up the phone with a squeal, Rachel leaned over and tried to shake her husband awake gently. “Hey babe. Baby. Babe. Finn. Finn!”

we can never really move on

the difference between our fandom and others is that we will not fully and completely move on because there are 800 songs of every genre and decade out there that glee has covered and we are bound to hear a song every day and it will remind us of the characters that sang it and remember the storyline from the song. Don’t Stop, Faithfully, Teenage Dream, Valerie, the memories will flood back every time, leaving us looking something like this


Glee II I Lived