Finn was twenty-five and one of Hollywood’s newest and hottest stars. To everyone, it may have seemed that everything was handed to him but the reality was, it wasn’t. In fact, he struggled to get to where he was and honestly, Finn would never wish his past on anyone. It was also something he never wanted to indulge on either.  

Thankfully some director and producer took a chance on him and three movies later, Finn was thrown into the spotlight. It was only just a year later after his first movie was released that Finn also met the girl he could see himself being with for the rest of his life.

It was a chance meeting; they were both at some charity event and the entire night Finn swore he couldn’t turn away from her. She was beautiful and had one of those smiles that easily lit up the room. It took him all night to ask her on a date but five weeks later and they were casually dating and falling for each other.

Two years later, they were still together but they lived apart. Finn was never one to rush on anything to a lot was partly his fault but it also came down to one simple fact. He lived in Los Angeles and her, New York.

Today however he had caught the redeye flight the night before after work out to the big apple and now, he stood in front of her Upper Manhattan apartment with flowers in his hand and his bag standing beside him. He figured he would surprise her first thing in the morning with the fact he had a week for just the two of them.

After he finally pressed the doorbell, Finn stepped a little away from the door and waited for his girlfriend to answer.

we can never really move on

the difference between our fandom and others is that we will not fully and completely move on because there are 800 songs of every genre and decade out there that glee has covered and we are bound to hear a song every day and it will remind us of the characters that sang it and remember the storyline from the song. Don’t Stop, Faithfully, Teenage Dream, Valerie, the memories will flood back every time, leaving us looking something like this

*20 years from now*

My child: “Mom, I was going through your old stuff and I found this.” *shows me Glee DVD’s*
Me: *smiles*
My child: “What’s Glee?”
Me: “Well… It’s an amazing show. A part of my childhood. It helped me grow a lot as a person, I don’t know where I’d be without it.”
My child: “Oh, cool.” *observes the DVDs* “But mom?”
Me: “Yes?”
My child: “Where’s the fourth season?”
Me: *dramatic music starts playing* *stops doing whatever I was doing* *stares into the distance* *whispers* “There is no fourth season.”

01. Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith)
Oh, come on, did you really expect to see a different couple in the top spot? This entire show was built upon Finchel’s mighty shoulders, and regardless of how things end Friday, we’ll all know that’s not how it was supposed to be. A flashback of Finn and Rachel together is always a devastating reminder that not everyone gets the happy ending they deserve.